You are such a Tulle..And other important notes for Holiday 2011 Parties

As December speeds by us all, and the multitude of evites and holiday plans flood our inbox, our blackberry, our ipads, or if you’re me, a good old fashioned filo fax (no, I’m not kidding) the inevitable question comes upon us…. before, what will I bring. What the hell am I going to wear to that?

Since I don’t have a closet that on command spins around like at the dry cleaners, I have to resort to excel spreadsheets, and polaroids to design and create my wardrobe. And lots of collaging, and tear sheets.

The mindset that goes into planning a holiday outfit differs for all of us. Some plan with the end result in mind; what dress will be easiest to take off at the end of the night; either by our hand or hopefully someone elses.

Others thought process involves less disrobing, and more of what’s on display. What will be the standout dress of the night, and will they get the credit for rocking it?

Me? It’s simple. Will I feel good? Will I look in the mirror and be happy? And most importantly will I be able to attack the cheese and veggie plates, down my champagne, and still be comfy without having to suck in my food baby all night?

This year, even though my closet is FILLED with dresses, I of course am still searching for that perfect outfit. That dress that screams style, but also individuality that I can eat, dance, laugh and kiss in, and still remain intact.

In lieu of THIS– which is my all time fantasy dress (that I have actually come close to finding, but am still waiting to be the right size to fit into)

Carries series finale epiphany happens in tulle

I have settled for something also green, also tapered, and slightly off kilter

H&M one shoulder forest green Grecian dress, Nine West sandals

And something slightly sexier, another untapped, or in this case, untaffed resource

Strapless taffeta black white patterned dress w/ vintage black elastic belt; updo, pearl vintage collar, vintage chanel bracelet, ring; Louis Vuitton.

There are a plethera of options for one’s own special party evenings but This Holiday ’11 season, I think tulle is a great way to go….

Margot Fonteyn Dusty Rose Sequin Dress $46.00 ~ Lulu'

Other honorable mentions for a great holiday outfit include but are not limited to; sequin shorts with a white t-shirt and black tights, or a sequin blazer with dark skinny jeans.

No matter what you wear, make sure you don’t leave your best accessories at home; your confidence, your alcohol tolerance and most of all, your style.




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