YIM and Yang… Alice Yim Sample Sale Event

Tuesday night I stopped off at the Alice Yim sample sale of their spring/summer ’11 collection. I was treated to- well, no champagne, because we were a bit late, but a beautiful array of silk separates, including a gorgeous white jacket, that had I not claimed myself abstinent from shopping, I would have grabbed in a heart beat. One of the stand-out items was a black silk skort, an almost leaf accent skirt overlay, with shorts peeking out the bottom. Seeing how I just commented last week on another silk skort, the one I purchased from the DVF sample sale from the $30 orphaned clothes rack, I was very excited to see, that in fact I was right, skorts are coming back. Two skorts in two weeks cannot be coincidence. This one was beautifully crafted, but perhaps a bit too short for my girlfriend, who I brought along, to live vicariously through while she perused the racks, and I watched tearfully. The skort seemed like a frivolous purchase, and we debated the pros and cons of owning a white blazer. But then,the sea of hanging clothes parted, and as usually happens, the dress picks you, rather then the other way around.
A silk, black knee length dress w/ a somewhat bias cut, and a red, silk overlay accent piece warranted me to yell out the typical best friend cliché when shopping, “omg, that is SOO you”. This is a common phrase amoung female team shopping. I wonder where the phrase originated from, and began, but where there are 2 girlfriends shopping together, there is this phrase. Over, and Over again. I was right in my assessment, and she grabbed the dress excitedly, already plotting out the places she would wear it. ‘There’s dinner, oh that party, oh and— ‘. A even further ringing endorsement was that the designer herself was standing nearby, proudly beaming and wearing the same dress with one of her silk white vests.Everyone was so sweet, (shocking for a room full of estrogen) and suddenly girls were commenting, offering up heels to help see the “look”, and Alice herself adjusting the dress for my friend so it would sit just right. 
In the end we left with me holding my guns that I somehow stuck to, and my friend, one dress heavier, and very happy, already thinking about where to find the Fall line…..


Alice, and my friend, Rachel - Somebody call Us Weekly for their next installment of "who wore it better"?

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