Yes, your HIGHness…. SMOKIN' hot fashion

When I was fifteen in high school, and in my skater phase, dating all the skaters and trailing behind as they skated all over city (I followed behind on foot), my wardrobe mainly consisted of over-sized Split pants, usually purposely 5 sizes too big (Today, If i even had to wear a bigger size, I would probably rip out the tag in desperation), and short midriff baring shirts (again, we all have sick bodies at 15!), and sneakers, undies, boxer briefs sticking out – again- purposely. I remember one shirt that got a lot of wear was a red baby tee (the only style I clearly remember rocking on a weekly basis, that I would purchase all along Broadway), with the huge McDonalds golden arches on the front- and underneath, the word Marijuana – over a billion served. Only at fifteen, would it be considered cool to express your open feelings and opinions on a drug, through the city streets. Well, apparently fashion may change, but mind sets do not.

Today, the style has evolved, but the message still remains- Back in December while shopping at Gifted, the flea market in Brooklyn, I came across a triple finger ring (my favorite kind), that was gold, and so cute, and I had to have it. Wait a minute, my friend said, aren’t those marijuana leaves on the ring? Naahh- oh wait- Well, to my chagrin they were. Well, that enticed me even more and I bought it right away!

Today, I’m a 30 year old professional, whose style, mind and body has evolved in more ways then one. But maybe deep down, I’m still that 15 year old skater prancing around in my little red baby tee- And I’m not the only one……

Marijuana inspired double finger 3 pronged ring- Gifted flea Market- $12






If you like this style, you can cop your very own on!

J Mclaughlin Marijuana shorts- last season - $125







GROUND ZERO marijuana sweater- I dont like - $234


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