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The first few months of any new year people tend to reflect more than others. They give back dusty, old coats, help at soup kitchens, and donate to their local goodwill. That time of year brings on sometimes genuine, sometimes altruistic behavior, and you can’t fault people for wanting to do whatever they believe their small part to be. But what happens when the clock strikes February, and all the goodwill towards men, and resolutions of good faith have fallen to the waist side? For most of us, a routine can creep back in just as easily as February flies by every year. Everyone has their own versions of social good, and for those who yearn to return something back,  if only in a small way, World Vision is the perfect answer.

World Vision is an organization both humanitarian and philanthropic in nature, with a dedication to poverty and injustices dating back to 1950. It started with a basic approach to help children in orphanages through child sponsorships. Today, it has grown leaps and bounds to offer more sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice across the globe.

It’s helped communities in the US and around the world through hundreds of gifts and donations in the form of clean water, food, job training, education, and more. Working in countries of extreme poverty, they provide a tangible touchstone to necessities.

Through various outlets that include everything from sponsoring a child, to buying medical supplies, or gifting a goat, you can shop the World Vision’s Gift Catalog. It almost feels like a registry for the philanthropic, or the hopefuls. Browse the catalog, and pick which gift is right for you.

This month is all about love for each-other, but what about what we do for everyone else?  We teamed up with World Vision to host a Valentines Day Giveaway and spread the love around a little.


One lucky winner will receive a gift from the World Vision Gift catalog. And because I’m such a coffee fan, my gift to you is the handcrafted coffee set. A bag of whole bean coffee from Ethiopia with a citrus and chocolate flavor blend, it also comes with a handcrafted scoop and bag.

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Available to buy for $75, or your suggested donation. See more info on this product here

All gifts are Tax Deductible 

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