Winter Blues

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and…. Well there’s nothing really delightful about it!!!

Having lived in Manhattan 21 + years (see how I subtlety did NOT reveal my age!), I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen a winter like this. They said since Christmas alone, we have had 7 storms, Central Park today has over 20 inches of snow, and me, well, I can appreciate a nice serene pure white winter wonderland as much as the next person, but what I cannot appreciate is being so cold and uncomfortable, with few choices of cute shoes or warm enough clothes, rendering me basically with a style block. This has forced me to rock a look all week long that I affectionately call cold chic, (with a slight homeless vibe). The only thing on me today that even looks like me are my shoes, which are the Anna Sui for Fit flop special edition from last season. So not only can you almost fall while grabbing onto not cute strangers on the sidewalk every day, but you can also tone your calves while you do it. I have analyzed my calves and butt a few times in the mirror, and though I can’t really confirm a successful definition, I can confirm that I love my stylish yet functional fit flop boots.

Although I did not get off today, sufficed to say my brain did in fact take a snow day, which allowed me to do much more important things, like purchase one of my most anticipated new beauty products for spring, the “Tiffanys blue” nail polish. Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen is coming out with the barracuda in February, but if you are like me, with that how much is that doggy in the window mentality, then you, also like me want it right now. You can get a less expensive version today at

But since I like to do everything all the way, or not at all, I decided to get my hands on the Chanel limited Edtion riva/eggshell one. Since it’s already sold out in stores, I popped on ebay (okay, fine the window was already open), typed in my desires and five minutes later, I will be expecting my package in 3-15 days!

Since spring is still 3 months away, I might have to start rocking it upon arrival, so at least my mood won’t be blue, but my nails will be…. shows the styles

More Winter Blues with the Anna Sui for Fit Flop in BLUE! Most versions, like that on net-a-porter are already gone but hey, that’s what ebay is for!

Anna Sui for fit flop

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