Why you Should Save your Local Valpak Coupons

Seasons change, people evolve, and trends go up and down like a roller coaster of fashion. But one thing that never changes, or goes out of style, is the thrill of saving on something you really like, need, or want. The excitement of getting a deal, finding a coupon, or the best one of all, getting that unexpected but welcome discount. These days, the ability to save money on things has grown exponentially. Gone are the popular days of coupon clipping, (although this does still exist in some corners of the world). Instead, online coupon sites and rebate apps have taken over the industry, attempting to provide discounts on everything from food, to beauty, wellness and more. But digging through all those options can be time consuming and even overwhelming. Rather than pouring through viable sites, take another look at that blue envelope that hits your mailbox every few months. Your local Valpak envelope is sometimes glazed over, or overlooked. But I implore you to look further because those Valpak coupons can actually save you big on every day items or tasks you probably already use. Everything from local dining, to nearby stores, and the list goes on. Plus, now your Valpak coupons also include grocery discounts for your next shopping trip on food and household items.

This month’s Valpak coupons include $10 off Dr. Scholl’s Custom fit Orthotic inserts at Walmart, a free $20 gift card when you buy $49 Sams Club membership, and $1 off Vermont Creamery Fresh goat cheese and Perfect Bar at Mambo Sprouts.

So the next time big blue arrives at your door, make sure to sift through and get all the local savings in your neighborhood.

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