Why u should start watching the Connors tv show ASAP

“You need to be watching the Connors tv show” is not something I ever imagined myself saying. But here we are. The ABC show is three years in now, and really starting to hit their stride. I was never particularly obsessed with the Connors to begin with, honestly. But I’ve been watching from the beginning, and didn’t expect to love the spinoff as much as I do. But thirty three years after the ABC show first aired, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the dis-functional family.

The Connors tv show is a typical half hour sitcom in some ways. It has some corny, laugh track jokes. But it’s also legitimately funny a lot of the time. It’s charm comes from tackling real life issues and adding humor.

You should watch the Connors TV show (if you’re not already) – Here’s why:

The show is relatable.

Just like Roseanne did, The Connors mixes comedy with serious undertones. If anything, the spinoff does it more often. I suppose that’s the product of these trying times. Everything from Mark’s sexuality, to Becky’s sobriety. This season, Darlene’s anxiety, and the family fighting between Dan and Ben.

It also acknowledges Covid. The characters wear masks (although the frequent removal of them, while understandable, is questionable). And recent episodes have explored some common, societal themes. We saw Mark’s health anxiety. Egged on by Darlene showing him pandemic related articles. Harris started protesting with a boyfriend (who would later dump her without warning). Most recently, Dan’s girlfriend Louise (Katey Segal) tested positive. While Dan wanted to care for her, Louise refused and said she’d be quarantining alone for safety. (Segal has a new show, Rebel. Likely the cause of her virus status.)

This week it looks like the show will also be tackling pet adoption. One of the most popular topics of the past year.


Jackie is finally getting a kind of happy ending.

Jackie never got a chance to truly grow or thrive on Roseanne. On the Connors, Jackie is finally doing better for herself. She runs a successful restaurant (the old Lunch Box) and is in a healthy relationship with Dan’s girlfriend’s brother, Neville. 

In episode 9 of the season, Jackie drinks Ayahuasca tea. While tripping she has a major breakthrough decades in the making with the help of Louise. She finally forgives her mother and herself and is ready to start a new chapter. One where she is no longer the lost, unsuccessful younger sister but a strong independent business owner.

Seeing Jackie finally recognize she deserves happiness was fulfilling as a viewer. And though hidden in silliness, the connection between Jackie and Louise is actually quite tender. Louise seems to take the role of, not sister but mother. It’s a powerful moment. Not just to cement the notion that you can restart at any age. But to see the growth of a character you’ve known for so long.

Perhaps fulfilling a destiny that was either fate, or the product of her absent sister. A notion the Connors has toyed with, subtly alluding to the fact Jackie’s life is better without her sister.

It references 90’s pop culture.

Last week’s episode began with some 90’s throwback. The gang is preparing a care package for Louise, but Becky wants the tea from the box instead. She says in exchange, Louise can have a box of old Blockbuster video DVD’s that she’s found. Making fun of the selections, and noting none other than Adam Sandler in Jack & Jill. And Dr. Zhivago disc 2 only.

Blockbuster memories are on many people’s minds due to the recent Netflix documentary The Last Blockbuster. And The Connors brilliantly banked on the moment. Taking the time to reminisce with the rest of the country that was old enough to remember.

The return of Danielle Harris

When the Connors first returned, it brought back Johnny Galecki teasing a Darlene David reunion. The storyline even brought in Juliette Lewis for an episode. But his return was short lived. A perfect cameo, and bridge to meeting her boyfriend Ben. Who though sometimes seems mismatched with Darlene is also a nice addition. Ben and Darlene’s relationship proves she’s not quite as awful and snarky as Roseanne made us believe. Clearly, she just wasn’t in love with David. Or maybe, age has something to do with it.

Speaking of David and Darlene, this week sees the revival of an old character. Horror icon Danielle Harris reprising her 90’s character Molly Tilden. Darlene’s old high school nemesis. Not much is known about the episode other than what Danielle herself tweeted out in recent weeks.

For horror fanatics, any excuse to see the Halloween star back on screen is a good one. And long time lovers of the show will get some serious nostalgia. Reason to tune in especially.

Are you watching the Connors?

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