Palm of your hand: Why you should be Using Sustainable Palm Oil

*This blog post is sponsored by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed and written are my own.

Today’s times have changed a lot since mom started bringing cupcakes in for the school bake sale. Kids have more allergies than ever. New, varying studies are coming out every day, and it can be hard to discern exactly what is, and isn’t good for us. For those with families, the pressure is even more on to be aware of eating healthy, and using organic, and nutritional foods. And although I’ve yet to have to worry about anyone except me and my fiance, the desire to be more knowledgable has continued to grow. In working with the roundtable on sustainable palm oil I not only learned more about palm oil, but that there is actually both bad, and good palm oil in the world.

The main perception of palm oil is that it’s bad for us, but it also has an environmental impact. Production of it is destroying virgin rainforests and causing a rise in polluted air, as well as putting certain species in danger. In our world, palm oil can be found in over 50 % of goods we consume annually, from our carbs to our sweets. Even in our household products palm oil is prevalent. It can actually be found in 70 % of the worlds cosmetics, laundry detergents, shampoos, and other home items.  Out of all of this global consumption, just a mere 21 % is derived from certifiable, sustainable sources.

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The truth is, if it’s able to be grown sustainably, then palm oil can be of some good. Besides helping to actually protect valuable wildlife and forests, it also aides the economy and farmers, who can make more money, yet use less land.


So what can we do to bring more awareness to good, sustainable palm oil? Spread the word, for starters.

That is where the new campaign from the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) comes in. The exciting new initiative, called ‘Whats your food made of” aims to both educate people, and interest them in the topic of why they should be using sustainable palm oil. It also includes three short films that feature fun, knitted foods which illustrate the benefits of choosing ‘good’ palm oil. Through these cute little animated films of knitted noodles, ice-creams, and more one can learn a bit more about the movement, and understand exactly what it is.


The #GoodBadPalmOil campaign wants to spread a story across the world, with us, as the the storytellers.

Start to understand the campaign, and watch other adorable food videos by Jessica Dance at the main website Goodbadpalmoil.

palm oil, sustainable palm oil, good palm oil, RSPO,

The RSPO is hoping that by 2020 all palm oil used in our products will be sustainably sourced. It can start with shopping for RSPO certified products only and spreading the word on the ways palm oil can be used for good. Find out where to find those products, and more about the campaign here.


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