Why Men Love.. Beaches

This rainy day on the island is leaving me yearning for another type of island- the tropical kind….
And it’s also getting me in the mood for beachy fashion and summer time go-to’s. Some of my all time favs and new soon to be obsessions are:
Bobbi Brown beach oil– a summer essential -featured above
John Frieda Beach Waves-— My hair is a frightening site when I go on a vacation, where blowouts are not readily available on any street corner, and I am forced to let nature win, and wear my hair up. Occasionally, product can attempt to right the wrong. This stuff is amazing. And also, discontinued as is the case with so many great products.
Head Scarves– To mask the unruly “Annie” hair that comes w/ the warm weather- Rachel Zoe’s daily Zoe Report featured an amazing item the other day – special edition Tibi designed head scarves and 100% of the proceeds go to Sloan Kettering Pediatric Care and Research which is amazing.. and fashionable to boot.
Curing cancer one style at a time
The Calypso St Barth for Target Line, which hit stores on Sunday, May 1st. I purposely resisted my usual grand day opening appearance, simply because my Target card has admittedly, way, way too much mileage on it, and she needed a rest. But I couldn’t hold back entirely, so I will be hitting Target this Saturday, to check it out, as well as buy a juicer and a camera. The clothes I’m not sure about, but the housewares look so yummy (check out some items in my collage above). I hope to practice self control, and not buy out the whole section. But somehow I always wind up needing a car service home….What will the outcome be? Stay tuned…..

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