Why a trip to Hawaii will make you happy

It is a dreary, rainy Monday morning and maybe you’re staring longingly out of your window before you have to drag yourself to work. You’ve been dreaming of a break full of sunshine, nature and fun for months now and luckily spring and even summer are right around the corner. Though it may not feel like it in many parts of the country. But we are close, so start dreaming about that adventurous escape to the beach now. If a big vacation fits into your summer plans, here are a few reasons why you might want to book a trip to Hawaii. Happiness not included, but likely to follow.

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Beautiful Beaches

Once you’ve arrived, make sure to plan a stop to Papohaku Beach in Molokai. The white sandy beaches stretch for a vast three miles, which makes the perfect setting for an afternoon of wandering in the sun. Pack up a picnic and enjoy your first day in a picture perfect setting. Be careful about swimming in the sea here as there isn’t a protected reef, an enjoyable paddle or a body boarding session would allow you to enjoy the crystal clear waters.

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Vibrant Volcanoes

There are a number of volcanoes that are still on the island of Hawaii and they make a beautiful setting for an adventurous day out. Head to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where you will be able to view the stunning Mauna Loa and Kilauea, which are some of the most active volcanoes that still exist on this planet. You can get really involved in exploring the park, from strolling through lava tubes and even camping there overnight.

Wonderful Water

If waterfalls are your thing then Kauai is the place for you to be; you will see the Wailua Falls which are actually two waterfalls in one. Keep a watch for the rainbow which appears at the base of the waterfall when the sun shines on it at the correct angle. Insta worthy shots to follow.

Magical Mountains

Mauna Kea in Hawaii is actually over one thousand metres taller than Everest, as it stretches beyond sea level. The summit was considered sacred and in ancient times only the most noble of people where permitted to visit the treasured place. Now you can visit it as a tourist and take in its stunning beauty. You can even hike to the very top within one day and boast that you’ve climbed the tallest mountain that exists today. Get your tree pose ready.

There you have it. A few reasons why a trip to Hawaii will clearly be good for your mind, body, and soul.

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