Where the Boys Are- Looking for Love on a big island

Recently, one of my newly single friends was lamenting about her anniversary.. Not of her relationship, but of the breakup. In some cases, anniversaries can be celebrated as a milestone of your time together. One of my friends has been w/ her guy for over 2 years, living together for over one, but they still celebrate, more or less, monthly, and she fully laugh at herself while admitting it. For others, happily or not, it signifies the end of something. I remember when I broke up with my boyfriend officially in 2006, It was almost a full year before I could start off any month w/ o saying ___ month(s) ago today, we broke up…

My friend then announced, as if is should have been on the CNN news ticker, she was ready to re-open shop and get back into business!

And the business of single mingle in NYC is not to be taken lightly. We’re all shipwrecked on one giant island, and the perpetual goal is to find someone to light your fire.

This is obviously a topic that can be spoken about for days and days; enough books, blogs, columns and lectures are given on getting love, finding love, giving love, that this island is definitely on love overload, even if it is short lived, or just hours long.

But I will say this, I have a lot of single friends, and I have a lot of attached friends- and I’ve been both- and neither is ever easy.

Then there’s the whole business of online dating, which even since I became introduced to it briefly a few years ago, now, has not gone down, but increased dramatically, and it seems there is a niche for every single type of person out there. There are more people online dating then ever;I know a lot of them, and in today’s economy it is a single girl’s guide to the recession.

Food stamps-  in the form of a lonely, maybe-cute-but something must be wrong with him and I”ll find out tonight what- guy, with a penchant for online dating and good food. I don’t really know anyone that practices this form, but it does beg the question, even if you don’t hook up with him that night, are you still prostituting yourself out for a good meal—You might be a good girl at heart, but are you still whoring out your stomach?

The main question asked by single women throughout the island- and beyond, for years before us, and to continue years after us — And where do you meet them? When we get together with our newly glowy, smily girlfriend, who can’t stop beaming, and we are happy, slash secretly jealous even if for a moment, (I like her, but why not me), what’s the first thing you always want to know— “where did you meet him?” Nowadays, it seems the prevalent answer is – ONLINE.

But there’s also the slightly ancient, very low percentage of through friends (I know one which is a success story so far), and of course the even lower, through work, which I can attest to, and  as you all know, it can happen, can’t it : )

The warm weather is on it’s way, and soon the streets and bars will be filled with winter hibernated couples turned to new, summer’s here and so am I singles. So with that, I leave you with a few slightly non traditional ways to meet your prince- It might be a big crowded island, but yesterday’s stranger can be tomorrow’s dinner date… if you’re hungry…….




And if you want to read some really great articles on this topic and more, I advise you to check out the New York Times Modern Love section, written by regular, every day people. I am submitting some work for their newest Essay Contest, so cross your fingers, and maybe I’ll get featured in the Times next!!!!

lastly- I really wanted this Post to prompt and initiate some interesting conversations or comments— Click on my face book link – to my page and tell me – what is your favorite thing about being newly single? Or newly attached?

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