Whats the story, Morning Glory? My 5 steps to Skin Success every Single day

IMG_1389Step 1- Clinique Liquid Facial Mild cleansing Lotion has been my go to for years, and I still keep going back.  Clinique.com, $16.50

step 2- Jergens Natural glow facial moisturizer in medium, this particular model is literally impossible to find anywhere except the uptown Target, so every few months I make sure to stock up. You can also find it on Amazon for $8

Step 3- Elizabeth Arden optimizing skin serum is a base, that makes my skin literally feel quenched and glowing. Buy it at Elizabeth Arden, $ 49.50

Step 4- Oil of Olay Anti wrinkle day cream and serum gives my skin a luminous effect, and helps fight anti aging. I also mix this daily with my bronzer for a sun kissed, glowing effect, and it helps to break the strength of the bronzers. Buy it at Walmart for $12.27

Step 5- Specific Beauty Hydrating lotion with spf 30. Gives me the sun protection I need as a final step in my morning process, and leaves me ready to hit my coffee, and my laptop. Buy it here at Specific Beauty, $22.00

Even if I’m still in my pajamas every morning, my face feels like it’s refreshed, rejuvunated and ready for the day ahead. As I get older, my skin routine has gotten more important to me, and what used to include a quick swipe of a on the go cleansing cloth, now I make sure includes a serum, an anti aging product, spf, and of course, appealing to some vanity, the bronzer moisturizer. I’m sure there’ s women who add a lot more to the lineup, and those who bask in minimalism, but five products in about 5 minutes is really all you need in the morning; fresh faced and ready to start the day.

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