Westfield Mall Rat

Recently the new Westfield mall was unveiled at the World Trade center, and while the shops themselves aren’t anything new, the design truly is a sight to behold. So much so that it’s quickly becoming one of the most interesting, and exciting things to Instagram. (Including the thrill of getting that perfect shot.) I haven’t spent any real time inside the actual mall yet, but I did check out the Oculus before it’s new shopping mecca was unveiled. I also spent time loitering around Brookfield Place, the other, new, New York City shopping mall a short walk from the Westfield Mall. Brookfield will take back center stage soon when the new Saks is unveiled, becoming the second only in the city.

The big, bright Oculus shopping destination will be exciting to locals for the photography it offers, and to tourists for the high end to moderate shopping it provides. Currently there are more than 100 varied fashion, lifestyle, technology brands and stores, including both casual and upscale dining. And there’s more coming.

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Westfield Mall might be the perfect place for the city mall rat of our generation. A young, local community that’s both stylish, hip, and cultured. But beyond bringing people together through drool worthy eats, and high end shopping, Westfield World Trade Center actually has a much higher purpose. To literally connect over 300,000 commuters through to their destinations on a daily basis.

Whether local, visiting, or commuting through, for now, the Oculus is where to keep your eye focused.




westfield-girlsLeather pants, J. Crew. Sweatshirt, Skreened. Stan Smith Sneakers. Monogram bag; Magpie.

Arm Party:  Beecharmernyc

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