Escape From New York~ Weekend Getaways: Wineries in Madison & Memorial Day Fun

No matter what job you have sometimes it feels as if there are never enough hours in the day. Working from home, it’s easy to get off track, and some days you feel like you could do anything. Other days you feel like you did nothing. But looking back, some days are better then others just in general. Especially the ones where we get to escape off the island, if only for a day ,or weekend getaways. And in the spirit of those days that stand out, either because of the event, the location, or the company, here’s to celebrating the little pleasures in life. And on weekends.

May 17 – Destination: Madison, Ct

In a real life version of Baby Boom, minus the single Diane Keaton, and a baby, 2 of my friends, an awesome married Brooklynite couple moved out of their beloved Borough one day and decided to move to the suburbs of Connecticut. Recently, we went up there to visit them in their 5 bedroom house for her 30th birthday, a majorly festive occasion planned entirely by the dutiful husband. Not only did we have a weekend of winery hopping in store, but surprises lay in wait of food trucks and tacos. In enough woods for a manhattanite like myself to consider Blair Witch territory, we all sat, sprawled out on their massive, beautiful deck and talked the talk of couples, married people, those with babies, those without, those who came from the city, and the country transplants. An impromptu fire pit building session began, resulting in the actual success of a pretty awesome fire pit. Maybe the country isn’t so bad after all. I could visit more often.

The biggest surprise was how lush, and beautiful the surrounding area of Connecticut was. We had a picnic set against the backdrop of gorgeous greenery at the first stop on our winery hop, Gouveia Vineyards.

connecticut, wineries, travel, trip, weekend, weekend getaway

My Version of a City Mouse, or in this case, Bee, in the Country! 

connecticut, wineries, travel, trip, weekend, weekend getaway Bug Necklace, H&M $12.95. Shirt, Vintage Bloomingdales, my mothers closet. Hat, H&M.

At one of the stops, which happened to be our  hosts local jaunt, we got a private wine tasting class, where we got to sample signature wines and take a tour of the winery. 


You could say, I drank in the day. 

winery, connecticut, weekend, weekend getaway

Sat Night. Taco Food Trucks arrive in the secluded driveway!

weekend getaway, weekend, connecticut, tacos, food, food truck

May 18- Home from the Weekend after a quick tour of Madison and the beautiful surrounding beaches.

Sunday, 3 pm – Nyc  and back home to my Sunday ritual. 


Memorial Day Weekend – Destination: Quogue, NY. Off to see family and spend the weekend out East, where life runs a little slower, and you can see the stars at night. 

winery, connecticut, weekend, weekend getaway, hamptons  Mukluks, $30 at

Sat pm – Lobster Rolls & Vodka Lemonade

hamptons, quogue, weekend, weekend getaway, travel, summer, lobster rolls, food

hamptons, quogue, weekend, weekend getaway, travel, summer, lobster rolls, food

Sunday- Barbecue. What kind of Memorial Day Weekend would it be without a barbecue. And an unbelievably cool, homemade American Flag cake. God Bless America! 

hamptons, quogue, weekend, weekend getaway, travel, summer, lobster rolls, food

Monday- Train back home to Nyc. And this about sums up my thoughts on all the weekend getaways for May.

hamptons, quogue, weekend, weekend getaway, travel, summer, lobster rolls, food, memorial day weekend, memorial day





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  • My sister was stationed in Hampton Bays for a few years while she was in the Coast Guard! Wine Tastings, Seafood, and the beach you can’t go wrong!! #HomeMattersParty

  • Now you are REALLY making me homesick! I grew up near there! Love the wineries, beaches and the whole Long Island vacation thing. Thanks so much for sharing this. #HomeMattersParty