Weekend Getaway: two days in Denver

Life is all about taking little adventures, and living in the moment. Because sometimes, all it takes is a few days away to feel renewed, or invigorated. If you need to get somewhere for a weekend getaway, visit the Mile High city. Two days in Denver are all you need to step away from the stressful daily grind and return with a smile. 

What’s not to feel good about. The city is clean and buzzing with creativity. Plus, they use scooters to get around that people just drop off on the street. Like without a lock! Can you imagine that being implemented in New York City. Just one of the reasons to appreciate the vibe of this cool, laid back city.

Of course, there is way more to this city than just one weekend could cover. But if a quick getaway is all you have, there are a few key things to do during two days in Denver: 


See a show at Red Rocks.

Even with only two days in Denver, a visit to the awe inspiring Red Rocks amphitheater is an absolute must. An evening of music at the (mostly) naturally made venue is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. But if a concert doesn’t work, check out Red Rocks during the day for a hike or some yoga. 

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Eat at Empire Biscuit.

This southern inspired spot is famous for being featured on Guy Fieri. But it’s also pretty well known in its own right. Mainly because of its deliciously filling biscuit sandwiches. 

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Visit the Dairy Block. 

The Dairy Block is a hip, new neighborhood, and if you have two days in Denver, this funky spot is worth a visit. The small area includes an artisan’s market and local boutiques. Plus, more importantly it also houses the hotel The Maven whose extensive food court is popular among tourists and locals.

It includes a bar, a vintage 50’s diner, a Pho restaurant, handmade pasta, sandwich shops and much more. On a full belly, stroll down the charming lit alley way, where you can turn a vintage style wheel and hear a song play. It’s all part of that trademark Denver charm. 

Walk the downtown strip.

Denver’s main strip the 16th street mall is the city’s busiest street. Among the bustle of working professionals, it’s home to numerous restaurants and shops. Mostly, it resembles other main streets in the U.S but there are some special things that distinguish it. Namely, lots of interesting street art which the city takes very seriously. It’s everywhere, starting at the airport which features the famous Blue Mustang piece. 

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Go to a brewery.

Denver is also known for it’s amazing array of breweries. So if visiting for the weekend, and a beer drinker, you’ll want to make sure to stop. One of the most popular, Wynkoop Brewing Company in downtown Denver was the first of its kind to open after Prohibition.  


Get breakfast in Union Station.

The historic building, built 1914, is really cool inside and out. In the lower downtown area, or LoDo, the train station hub is also a place for shopping, eating, and people watching. As well as home to posh hotel the Crawford, and ten restaurants. Including Snooze an AM eatery which serves a delicious weekend brunch. 

In fact, breakfast and brunch is all they serve. So if that’s your favorite meal, Snooze is a must. But prepare to wait, because everyone loves this local LoDo eatery. Put your name in and then go explore the architecture and shops before heading back to eat. 

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How would you spend two days in Denver? 

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