Weekend Getaway: 48 hours at Mount Airy Lodge

A short 2 hours away lies an oasis in the middle of Pennsylvania. A place where city dwellers can remove themselves from the hot, hectic streets of the island for a mini getaway where nothing matters except your ability to relax, consume mass quantities, and play a good round of Black Jack. So we were off, for a weekend of fun, and 48 hours of disappearing from the city for unchartered waters. Or this case, some unchartered nature.

Mount Airy Lodge might bring up a few images. Mainly, a jumbo sized champagne glass doubling as a bubble bath for two, or a heart shaped tub. But nothing about what you remember in those vintage honeymoon Mount Airy Lodge commercials exists anymore. While the feel of a quick couples getaway still certainly rings true, the lodge, no matter how cool all those vintage postcards are, is firmly planted in the present. The throwback feel of the pool still exists, but now it hosts evening pool parties and features headline performers like Andrew Dice Clay and Artie Lange. It also boasts a pretty cool indoor to outdoor swim feature. While the pool area itself hangs out over a huge overlook, unless you get there early, you’re not going to enjoy it laying down.

Mount Airy lodge also upped the ante a bit by adding a new outpost a few years ago; Mount Pocono’s Guy Fieri. The new Guy Fieri restaurant is a more laid back option to the fancier Il Bistecca; the lodge’s answer to formal dining. Also a branch of the popular Il Mulino in New York City. If you’re looking for a fancier night, Il Bistecca is the spot. But for one night, you’ll want to dress comfy, (drawstring pants preferable), and hit up the Fieri new spot for a food baby inducing feast.

Friday 8 pm 




Friday 10 pm – playing a few hands.



The Pool’s design has a 60’s vibe right down to the lime green cabanas. The indoor swim into outdoor pool option is a fun feature, while the outside pool boasts sweet views of the surrounding areas. mount-airy-lodge-casino-1


3 pm Treated to a fabulous massage the Mount Airy Lodge spa, located inside the hotel.


Saturday 8 pm, Dinner at Il Bistecca


Sunday Morning, Breakfast in Bed 



We didn’t get to golf, but if that’s your thing, the lodge boasts a luscious golf course. It’s also inspired by Sports Illustrated “Best 18 holes in America” with 6500 yards surrounded by a gorgeous, Pennsylvanian landscape.

The debate of Nature vs Nurture is one that will continue on, likely forever. But on this particular weekend, I somehow inhabited a bit of both. The nurture of being brought up by a booming metropolis, while being able to step away and allow myself the surroundings of nature. You may not think Mount Airy Lodge and automatically associate it with nature. But for this New Yorker, though our weekend consisted of a mostly inclusive few days within the lodge, we did manage to escape it for a moment and take in some of the simple beauty around us before it was time to head home. After all, that’s part of the simple pleasure of escaping the city in the first place.

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