Weekend Buzziness…..

So I’ve decided that maybe sometimes, I should start chronicling my weekends, apart from my old school daily planner. (how quaint and archaic of me!) Not because I think they’re the most exciting thing to ever happen; god knows there are plenty of fashionistas out there living way more glamorous lives. But hey, sometimes nothing feels better then having a nice jam packed calendar…

Since I haven’t had a chance to post at all recently (bad girl), I am condensing the past few weekends. Consider it a medley of sorts….

 On Sunday, November 13th I must mention that I went to the Blogger Blitz cocktail party at the Barrel Room, hosted by the absolutely charming and refreshingly sincere Alison from Long Distance Loving. We had a blast, I had a cheese plate, (always a good thing), made some new friends, and found a cool new place for again, cheese and wine.

Blogger Blitz- Me, Alison from Long Distance Loving and my girl Roosh from life is just rosie

The weekend before thanksgiving, I went to see the final day of the Picturing Marilyn exhibit, which I already mentioned was one of my recent obsessions last week. Mainly because after the show, I could not stop thinking about her, and apparently a lot of other people can’t either.

Last weekend was my annual whirlwind of bee-day celebrations. No, unlike many of my fellow islanders, I do NOT celebrate my day of birth for an entire month, shindig, after expensive shindig. In fact overload of attention is not really my thing. But a nice dinner with friends at Le Souk, complete with belly dancers, and hookah overload, followed by some partying is just enough to make me feel loved and happy…so I engaged in some self love attention for a few hours, I must admit… but I did it with style.

In rare form, I decided to get an up-do for the night, and 2 hours later after an amazing job by my hair dresser at Aate Salon, I was complete with updo, swirls, curls, and glamour. (more on this fab hair do later). The tiara was overkill, but luckily there was a nice, plastic birthday girl one waiting for me upon my arrival.

BEE- DAY girl. Dress, borrowed by my bestie. Belt, Vintage; my mother's closet. Pearl collar necklace, vintage. Ring, Louis Vuitton

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