Weekend Buzziness~ Seders, Eggs, Easters, Bunnies and Babies 4/6/12

So clearly I’m a bit behind as the weekend of the 13th (FRIDAY THE 13th!!!) is upon as, and as usual I’ll be running around the island, but I’m still reminiscing of last weekend’s buzziness.

It was a weekend full of traditions; new and old, actual and metaphorical. The holiday weekend started out Friday night at my friend’s house for his seder. On an island filled with lackadaisical religion, this was a departure for me, as it involved much more then a toss of a book, and a banquet feast. This one actually involved talking about, learning and reading about Passover. My lack of knowledge on the topic even prompted one guest to incredulously ask me if I was, truly, in fact, jewish.

The horror! I replied, yes of course, a New York City jew. I go to Zabars, and still regret not going on birth rite. But I don’t actually go to temple. Now what do I do with this parsley and egg?

The rest of the weekend was spent neglecting my own background, and promptly rejoicing in the Easter tradition. And again, by this, I don’t mean church, or readings. I mean easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and cute, bright dresses. Those gentiles sure know how to celebrate.

This festive day was capped off in the best way possible at a beautiful Easter dinner that my best friend, who also happens to live with me was hosting at our house. Everything thought out perfectly, down to our place cards, and individual little gift bags, I realized I was so lucky to have Martha Stewart  paying rent and sharing my address. I rejoiced in this knowledge while eating my food, downing my pink peeps, and realized no matter the holiday, it’s not about what traditions you follow, or how religious you are, it’s about who you spend it with. And that’s what I was celebrating last weekend.

Easter Dinner at my House

I almost ruined my appetite downing these little cucumber creamcheese tea sandwiches- yumm!

Pretty spring colors are back. My inspiration- Easter egg coloring

I see that Blair, from Atlantic-Pacific, one of my favorite style bloggers had the same idea, and I’m guessing, the same inspiration..

And still, other Easter inspired nails reign over the holidays too, proving that Nail Art is so big now, it’s not safe from the holidays. Kinda like when I was a teenager, and used to match my braces to Christmas and Halloween… well, sorta…

This DIY from Stylelist is so on point for the weekend, and beyond

to see how to do this click here for stylelist

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