Weekend Buzz Bites~ Nas at Citi Field, Nectar Cafe, Couture Chaos & Mr. Carter

As a human, I’ve gotten the opportunity to partake in an activity which most of us cherish so dearly, and that is the concert. No matter what type of music you like, even the most contrasting of types can all agree on one thing. The love of the concert. Listening to your favorite artist or song working out, or jamming to your iphone or computer is grand, but most people relish in the chance to get to see those very same things up close and personal.

As a New Yorker, however the excitement of a concert is just that much more alluring, especially when it takes you to Citi Field. I had the distinct pleasure of getting to experience this first hand last weekend when I was invited by Duane Reade, one of the Mets sponsors, to come watch the game, and then stay after for the Nas concert at the stadium. Upon hearing this,  as a New Yorker, baseball fan and huge Nas fan, I jumped at the chance, thinking just the opportunity to attend was a perk in itself.

It was only fitting that Duane Reade, the epi center of all things quintessential New York would be sponsors of one of the city’s favorite past-times, even promoting a 2 home run challenge that enables participants to get $5 off crest white strips in the event of 2 consecutive home runs.

My mind went from a subtle excitement to insane surprise, when I realized that the “field access” seats for the concert they had mentioned were to be taken literally. Me and my fellow bloggers were escorted onto the field, where ahead in the distance I saw a small stage, and I  realized that the area surrounding it where a few privileged fans would stand and watch was an elite group I was about to be a part of.

As a native New Yorker, it’s easy to have an innate jaded or cynical view of the city. Nothing is shocking, and few things are impressive. But as I stood there,  basking in the glare of the stadium lights, and a target of the city’s drastic humidity, I watched as Nas came out, and stood, singing, inches from me, and realized just how lucky and excited I was in that moment. Woody Allen said New York is a city best seen in black and white, and I full heartedly agree, but tonight it came alive with color and music. And I had a front row seat for the show.

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And that was all only Friday Night!!!

The next night, the musical extravaganza/baseball setting continued when I travelled to the Bronx this time, to see the much awaited and anticipated Jay Z/Justin Timberlake Legends of the Summer Concert at Yankee Stadium. Although the concert was unbelievable, one of the most amazing images was during the very last song, Forever Young, when everyone, at the request of Mr Carter, put up their cell phones, as an homage to Trayvon Martin.


Though I spent the earlier part of Sunday recuperating from the weekend’s activities, by afternoon it was time to meet my friend for brunch, and a stop at the MET to finally see the Punk Chaos show. Though the exhibition was much shorter then I thought, it did not disappoint and I left somewhat inspired, and wishing my style had a little more punk to it. We slipped into Nectar Cafe; one of my favorite New York City diners for a bite before home for our respective Sunday night rituals. Soon, a new week would commence, and it would be time to start all over again.


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