Weekend Buzz Bites ~ Bees, Bday Bashes, Brunch, Exploring & Eating

In my old, early thirty something years, I’ve become quite accustomed to calmer weekends. While my twenties were spent dashing into the metaphorically fray, and staying out to all hours painting the city red, white and blue, my thirties have brought with it several things. A new life, a happier existence, and a certain much needed calmness. I’ve never been the type to celebrate my birthday for a month like so many Facebook dwellers, but even as I turn 33 years old, there is the faintest echo of a crazy,  twenty five year old tapping at the window. She doesn’t want to come back, only to say hello and perhaps, make the rarest of appearances.

And she did, somewhere between the last two weekends spent celebrating my birthday. But she was different. More confident, more positive, and certainly calmer. No longer someone who was lost, but someone that had been found, and rather then dream of the past, yearn for a greater future. It’s scary to get older, but for the first time, I am less worried about what comes next, and instead, optimistic for it, especially if this is how it begins….

Last weekend’s birthday bash at our apartment went off with a Bang, and besides including my favorite people, also included some of my favorite things. St Germain and Champagne, my trademark drink, a brand new dress from Rachel Roy, my bangles from India, and an onslaught of Bee decorations everywhere, courtesy of my darling, adorable friend.


Sat, Nov 8 10 pmBees, Bday Bash, with bangles, and Bubbly 



While last weekend went off with a BEE, or a Bang, celebrating with friends and family, this past weekend was quieter. I got surprised with a special birthday dinner at the Gramercy Park restaurant, the House, a cute little, aptly named establishment that I’ve passed by and wanted to have dinner at for about 30 years. And Saturday night, I got my wish. We spent the day exploring, and wandering the city, finding new art, buying some cool rings off the street, and braving the Soho crowds.

I realized no matter how many streets I’ve walked down, or how cynical my New Yorker status makes me, walking around the city with the love of my life on my arm was like exploring a new island. One where every new block was paved with possibility, and newness lay around every corner.  I spent my birthday with the two loves of my life, my man and my city. I can’t think of anything better then that.

Sat, Nov 16th 2 pm Brunch, L.E.S

Brunch at Back Forty Brunch at Back Forty ~ Ricotta eggs w/ biscuits, grits w/ maple butter and baked eggs 

3pm – Wandering the LES, off of Orchard, exploring new restaurants to try.. like this one..

Wormhole-108   Wormhole-125 exploring on Chrystie street... in gap sweater, Zara denim shirt, Joe fresh skinny pants, Kate spade Yellow sequin flats, H&M necklace. IMG_3946 Bee in Wonderland

6pm – St Marks Place

my new fav rings, a surprise present in Soho, and my favorite egg cream in the world at Gem Spa, St Marks Place my new fav rings, a surprise present in Soho, and my favorite egg cream in the world at Gem Spa on 8th street 

9:30 pm – Gramercy Park. Dinner at the House 

IMG_3947 Truffle Mac and Cheese, melts in your mouth

12 am – Snuggled on the couch watching movies. 3 companions by my side, including a cannoli, and chocolate milk. A tasty ending to 32, as I welcome 33 in with a sweet taste in my mouth… literally…




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