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There has been a lot of changes throughout my circles recently. You can tell we’re all getting older and the days of crazy girls nights out have been replaced with equally fun yet more grownup game nights and dinner parties. Birthday dinners that used to consist of a huge table of loud girls has turned into an even bigger table of loud couples and I’ve been to more housewarming parties this year then there are cute coffee mugs at Fishs Eddy.

It would seem that the new buzz word on the island these days is Save the Date. After watching my friends in other metropolitan cities lament about the dozens of weekends lost to mandatory wedding extravaganzas, I wondered why I didn’t have that problem. I started to realize that this was one of the few categories, in which New York City was late to the game. Usually we start the trends, but when it came to weddings, we fell behind. By 31 I’d only been to under a dozen weddings in my life; having only been in 2. But by the time I turn 33 next month, I will have gone to four, with 2 new dates on the way. And this is peanuts. I know women who have been to up to 30 weddings in just a few months.

I watched one of my closest friends get married last year, and this year, stood by as newer ones finished planning and began to plan. And throughout it all, one thing seemed to become evident; being illustrated week after week. Yes, of course, happiness. A glow of getting hitched to that one and only. But no, this wasn’t the emotion I watched unfold. It was stress. Frustration. Fear. Nervousness, both from the fear of spending too much, or not spending enough. ‘I just want it to be  here already’! I always thought this was a declaration of not being able to wait any longer to be mrs whoever you are. But it’s actually just joy that your life will once again become your own. You are no longer a slave to the very event which you waited so long for, and yet now, can’t wait to commence.

Which is not to say that planning your wedding isn’t the tops. I’m sure it is. The desire to have a dream wedding of your own making, whatever that might be is something many of us have thought about. But sometimes, when your dream version coincides with your bank accounts, the reality meets the fantasy. It’s not easy to live within our parameters, whatever they might be which is why so many of us choose to turn a blind eye to our limits, especially when a wedding is involved.

But there are ways to still have that dream wedding, by combining imagination with a little common sense, spending smarts, and most importantly, a good eye. All of these components come together at which is a one stop shopping destination for all your celebratory needs., a website which specializes in all things eventful; graduation, prom, cocktail, wedding and more offers a wide selection including dresses, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and much more. Although it boasts numerous items, where it truly shines is in its wedding accessibility. In a time where buying for your wedding can leave you penniless, Dress First offers not only affordability, but style and an array of items essential to planning any dream wedding. Below, 5 ways to spend at DressFirst on some of those essentials, without breaking the bank.

1. Bridesmaid Dresses. They offer a complete breakdown of genres, including mother of the bride, maternity and junior, and are further broken down into style by halter, strapless, a-line, tea length and maxi. The prices range from $90 to $200 and come in a over a dozen color ways.

I love this color and shape

#weddings #bridesmaiddress I love this A-Line/Princess One-Shoulder Knee-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle, grape. $101

and a maxi gown in a fun color feels very now

dressfirst1 A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Charmeuse Bridesmaid Dress With Ruffle , $145


2. Hair Accessories. There are so many choices, it can almost be overwhelming, but luckily there are plenty of filters to drive down the size, and help  you find exactly what works for you. Between small tiaras, clips, barettes, fascinators and headbands in crystals, pearls, and nets, there is no shortage of hair candy. The prices range from literally $1.50 (!!) up to $90, which redefines the way in which we look at affordable wedding wearability. Personally I gravitate towards the fascinators and netted pieces, but if you’re a little more traditional try a pearl clip or headband.

e01fba72ba9d31ed22f11d57fe3ef809 Tulle Fascinators $5

3. Veils. Though in recent years many have chosen to forgo this traditional accessory, the veil still seems to reign supreme, whether taking a new, modern twist, or keeping to the classic look. Check out the collection, which boasts cathedral styles, chapel, and more and comes in classic, oval, and cascade styles as well as different tier levels. So make like Goldilocks and get to trying it all out to see which ones fits you just right.

e475f8104def9907f5cc8becdbfc3f7d One-tier Fingertip Bridal Veils With Finished Edge in tulle. $19

4. Wedding Favors & Accessories. Obviously when it comes to this, beauty is in the eye of the bride, not the beholder. There’s been centerpieces we steal, and party favors we forget to take. But I love these personalized matchbook favors. They’re charming, subtle and the perfect little takeaway to remember the day, and set the night on fire. Just hopefully not literally. 

4b9cab262bae41adf0f6a502b5788ee2 Personalized Bride And Groom Hard Card Paper Matchboxes (Set of 50) $45.99

5. The Extras. It’s easy to get lost and in some cases, the devil is in the big picture, not the details. How will I  ensure my dress will fit, can I have that ruffle piece altered, what bridesmaid length is right, and how many, and what color, and so on and so on. Not only does DressFirst have an array of fashion, but it also features a huge variety of items essential to your wedding planning, not solely limited to how you look, but how the day will look. This includes invites, party favors, centerpieces, guest books, cake toppers, champagne flutes, and much more.

At the end of the day, whether it be any old one, or THE one, the feeling of accomplishment is never lost on us. When we procrastinate, we feel it at night, and in the same vein, we celebrate and reward noticed efficiency within ourselves. The same can be said for a new bride. Happiness in a new life, new chapter, new partner, but most of all happiness in accomplishment, just like any other mission you completed. There might not be any way around walking out of it less rich in the pockets, but you will be more enriched where it really matters.



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