We, The Bloggers…Giving good mingle at the Bloggers Night Out Party

When bloggers get together things tend to happen; pictures are snapped, mutual admirations are abound, and freebies, either being promoted, taken, begged for, or won are ubiquitous. Such was the case 2 Friday’s ago  at Pranna to celebrate the first official Bloggers Night Out, a play off of Fashion Night Out celebrating all things bloggerific. And did they ever…

Girls were decked out from head to toe, oggling over polishes, a roulette wheel of goodies at the Lulu’s booth, and practicing in the art of something we so rarely get to do these days… talk- like to each other. Like not over a computer.

Something magical happens when people jump out from behind a computer screen, or Ipad, or droid, or whatever else those things are called of which I own none, and contact is made. It causes… dare I say it…. Contact. That night, I was privy to certain introductions between people who considered themselves BFF, but had never actually met. OMG, this is my best friend on Twitter… what is your name again?

I was beside myself, but instead of that being a crutch, it actually became an advantage. Girls everywhere were not catty or snobby or exclusive, but… friendly. And craving for an exchange of ideas, style, connections, and of course, business cards.

An event created and established by a group of top bloggers, for bloggers, whose sole purpose was to drive not necessarily profit, or sponsorship, but to drive contact, communication and a sense of community between each other. And they definitely succeded.

That night, decked out in my wool, spanish inspired skirt, brought home with me all the way from Peru, my hair wrapped tightly in a snood with bright red lips to match, I mingled (something I’m not always so wonderful at) into the night, I took pictures, and I had my picture taken, I didn’t win anything, but did walk away with a really cute pair of black rimmed glasses, a nicely blue colored Zoya polish, and I left with about 50 more acquaintances then when I walked in, and I think… two or three actual friends. The night ended over burgers at Live Bait, and I thought to myself, it’s the little things that make me so happy I started this whole process in the first place.

Sometimes living behind a computer can be a lonely job, and yet, as a blogger, even if you’re behind that computer, you’re never ever alone….. And when you go to fabulous, intimate events like this, you realize just how true that is.

Blog it out, Bitch... Me and the girls

 From Left, Allison from Fashionenthusiast, Yanil from The New Yorker Style , ME, and Rosie from LIfe is Just Rosie

Me and My girl, Jen (of House of Jeffers) strike a pose

Skirt: No Name, from a tiny shop in Peru

Sheer Black Top: H&M

Jewelry: 1) Gun charm necklace, Made by Bee.

2) Vintage Pearl Choker

Accessories: in Hair; Vintage Snood              

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