Ways to Refresh your LBD

The little black dress is a classic wardrobe staple. Every woman should have at least one in their wardrobe because a solid black dress that makes you look good can be worn for almost any occasion, jazzed up, or played down. Most of all, it can give you confidence. And in many cases, rather then spending more money on another shopping visit, you can just visit your own closet for the LBD you already own. Maybe you’ve grown tired of it, or forgot it was in there. Instead of letting it sit collecting closet dust, pull it out and give it a whole new look. It can be easy to do, and with these easy ways to refresh your LBD you’ll never miss another beat.


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Patterned Tights

If you want to make your little black dress a bit quirkier, slip on a pair of patterned tights (polka dots are a favorite) and your outfit will become instantly more eye-catching.

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Jazz Up with Jewelry

Sometimes, even the chicest of LBD’s can seem too simple. That’s where accessories come into play. Some ways to refresh your LBD with ease include Gold hoop earrings, a diamond ring, or a stack of classic silver bracelets. They can all give your little black dress the boost it needs.


Add a Collar

One thing you can do to completely transform the look of your trust little black dress is to add a detachable collar to the neckline. You can get glitters, furry and color clash colors, all of which will add some extra color and texture to your dress and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.


Wear a Jacket

Wearing a pretty jacket over your dress will completely change it’s look. If you want to go for a rockstar look, ass a leather biker jacket with studs, or if you want to be a bit more colorful, add a floral cardigan or bomber, for even more notice.


Show Off the Shoes

lbd ideas, little black dresses, patterned tights, DR legwear,

The great thing about the color black is that it can be teamed with pretty much any other color in existence, and when you wear a bold pair of heels with your LBD, it makes you stand out. Try a shocking pink or bright orange if you really want to refresh your dress and have it stand out a bit more than usual.


Add a Belt

Adding a belt to your LBD will help to give your waist more definition and help you achieve a beautiful hourglass figure.  More importantly than that, it will add an interesting design feature to your outfit. Wearing a metal belt in silver or gold will make for an elegant, understated look, but if you want to take your dress to the next level, a woven belt in a bold color will do the job nicely.


Pair with a shirt. 


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Layering slip dresses, a la 90’s is super trendy right now, so jump on that timing when refreshing your LBD. Add a white tee underneath for Clueless inspired style, or go grungy with a flannel.


What is your # 1 one way to refresh your own LBD?  Tell me Below! 

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