Washout: 6 Body Washes for Silky fall Skin

Fall finally started last week. After a long summer linger, temperatures are finally shifting, along with our attitudes. However, though our personalities shift, our bodies may have a hard time keeping up. Summer skin endures a lot of challenges, from extra sun damage, to dryness and lack of hydration. We sweat, acquire new freckles, and don’t always treat our skin as favorably in those warmer, fun months. As fall breezes by, and then winter sets in,  it’s important to not only redeem ourselves, but pay some extra attention to replenish our busy bodies. After all, what better way to start the new season than feeling good in your own skin. These six body washes are the perfect addition to your shower, and will help take summer skin straight from fall to winter.

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  1. Ahava Mineral shower gel. I became familiar with Ahava a few years ago, when I was introduced to their shower line. Since then, I’ve treated my bottle of body wash like Elaine treated the Today’s Sponge, savoring every morsel of foam. I know I can buy more of course, but something about using it feels like more like a special luxury than an every day experience. $18
  2. Rituals Sakura shower foam. Rituals focuses on various beauty collections based on eastern traditions. Their Sakura line symbolizes an awakening of nature. Based on their cherry blossoms, it blends that scent with organic rice milk to cleanse and transform the skin. The shower foam is a dreamy experience unlike others that feels like it should be saved for special occasions. But feel free to use at your own personal discretion. You only need a small amount to get a generous, rich, foamy lather, and it can last up to 50 showers.
  3. Dove. The Dove bar of soap is a classic, and if you live with a man, you likely have one in your shower. It’s a tried and true staple. But since as women, we’re conditioned not to use basic bars of soap, we also keep The Dove go Fresh body wash in our arsenal. It’s a  must for maintaining golden, glowing skin, even when the weather turns from sunshine to snowflakes.
  4. Natures Gate. I can’t get enough of this velvet moisture body wash, and for good reason. The line hydrates and moisturizes the skin and also smells terrific. My favorite is the pomegranate, though it comes in a variety of scents.  Amazon, $10.
  5. Nuxe Shower oil. Pamper yourself and stock your shower with Nuxe’s shower oil. Both smelling and feeling light, it cleanses skin leaving it soft and silky. Shop here, $15.
  6. Bodycology floral rush seems like any typical body wash, but it’s actually more than that. The pearlescent wash goes on silky smooth, (one of my favorite uses of alliteration), and gets skin revitalized, and smelling great. shop here, $12 

body washes, summer skin, fall skin savers, fall beauty products, best body washes, dove go fresh, ahava

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