Visit Miami Beach for Your Next Vacation

Miami got hit with some fierce Mother Nature recently, and slowly but surely, the hot spot is making its way back to what it was before the storm. Typically, we know Miami well for what else? Glorious weather, beautiful beaches, and bustling nightlife. But there is more to South Florida that just nightlife and beach days. It’s a town actually made for everyone. From a romantic getaway, to a trip with family and friends. If you’re planning to visit Miami Beach for your next vacation, here are a few ideas to ensure making the most of your entire stay.


Ok, obviously – Visit Miami Beach


I know I said there is more to Miami than to just visit Miami Beach. But of course you need to check out the beaches!! However, sunbathing specifically is not the only way to enjoy them. If fun in the sun isn’t your thing, try an art deco tour. The city is well known for cool, deco architecture, and design from hotels to cafes. Check out the busy Miami Beach nightlife when the sun goes down. If shopping is your cardio, hit the Bal Harbour shops for some high end finds.

Rent a boat

You will find it difficult to visit everything Miami has to offer on foot or in a car, so rent one of the boats from BOAT.ME and take to the South Florida waters in style. You will have your own personal captain to lead you on your voyage, giving you the opportunity to see what you want, while enjoying a luxury boat.

Explore the Everglades

One of the more unusual parks in the United States, the Everglades is 1.5 million acres of swampland, sub-tropical jungles, and wild prairie land. Home to many endangered species, including the Florida Panther and American Crocodile. Bring out your hidden adventurer, and hike or canoe across this backcountry wonderland.

Go to Miami Zoo


One of the best zoos in the world, Miami’s climate allows for a wide variety of wildlife from across the globe. With habitats that are as close as possible to the animal’s natural setting, you know they are well looked after. The exhibits are also open air so you caan interact with many animals up close and personal. You can even take the rare opportunity to ride a camel. Miami Zoo is fantastic for all a family oriented trip.

Hit a Museum. 

Cultural, learning experiences are also all over Miami too. From interactive exhibits at the Miami Science Museum to the Miami Children’s Museum. The Gold Coast Railroad Museum also houses thirty historic locomotives, and is perfect for train lovers. The Holocaust Memorial is obviously not necessarily top of the to-do list when you visit Miami Beach. However, it’s historical significance, and important artifacts make it a worthy stop while in town. Especially if you’re trying to break up a day of sun.

Whether you’re a sun worshipper, party animal, luxury shopper, or someone who consumes all culture, Miami has something to offer everyone. To dive deeper into your trip, check out the visitor guides online for more planning.

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