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It’s  almost Valentines Day and while over here at the Island we don’t solely focus on a love of food, we do focus on a zest for life. A huge part of that of course does involve one of the best things life has to offer; good food. On that note, I partnered with a cool project and link up this month dedicated to the support of others. This includes not only showcasing some fabulous recipes, but sharing in the food blogger love. There are thousands of food bloggers out there, lets be honest. Even breaking down into your own personal preference, or niche, you’ll still find yourself with a wealth of experts to go around. Instead of always heading to your favorite site, or giving the same food blogger love, this is an opportunity to branch out a bit. Go explore, get inspired, and best of all, test something out for yourself!

Through the project I got a chance to check out Chef Mireille who affectionately refers to herself as the schizo chef. Mireille is a self confessed die hard foodie whose passion is taking less than obvious ingredients and making more traditional dishes out of them. Though there was a plethora of interesting recipes to choose from, I must admit that my experience and ability to cook with more ethnic foods is definitely lacking. However, one recipe did catch my eye; her Sri Lankan green been curry.

It looks delicious, flavorful, and (admittedly) not too difficult. But what really stood out was the introduction which instantly transports us by way of ferry ride to, as she puts it, ‘Staten Island’s Sri Lankan enclave’. Though I share the food blogger love with this post, I also appreciate it from another angle. As a native New Yorker, I can imagine myself on that ferry ride (one of the few free adventures you can still have in NYC), perusing the colors, flavors, and scents that fill the aisles of those Sri Lankan grocery stores.

Until I get there though, this Schizo Chef inspired dish will have to do.

My version: A String bean side with garlic, spices and parmesan.

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Chef Mireille’s recipe here:

food bloggers, food blogger love, blogger link ups, valentines day recipes, sri lankan food, string bean recipes

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