7 Vacation Horror movies to watch after OLD

If you love the sub genre of vacation horror movies, then you’re probably excited to see OLD. The new M. Night Shyamalan film is already causing divisive reactions and reviews.

In the spirit of the new thriller, which takes place on a secluded beach, here are some more vacation horror movies.

They all have a similar, overall theme. A group of people invading someone else’s way of life, (purposely or not) and then soon regretting it. Under the surface, they’re also cautionary tales which illustrate how ignorance while traveling can have deadly consequences.

1. Midsommar.

Ari Aster’s sophomore horror film tackles a lot of things. Grief, relationships, mental health. At it’s simplest, it’s also a vacation horror movie. When Dani goes with her stand offish boyfriend Christian, and his friends to a remote village in Sweden, you know she’s desperate to escape her difficult reality. Something prevalent in real life too.

But this cinematic version gives it a new spin.

2. Hostel.

The Eli Roth horror spawned two sequels, and cemented his place in the horror genre. The basic premise is three friends on a guys trip to Amsterdam. They’re soon kidnapped and brutalized. Hostel set the standard for many similar movies. Other vacation horror movies like Touristas and The Ruins would follow.

3. The Hills Have Eyes.

Wes Craven’s 1977 horror classic follows a family in a RV who break down in the hills of Nevada. Of course, killer inbred monsters are also lurking nearby. And once again, family themes play a pivotal role in this sub genre.

4. American Gothic.

This little known horror actually draws parallels to Midsommar. And It also takes place during a vacation.

A group of friends take off for a vacation. But plane engine trouble leaves them on a deserted island. There, they find a family stuck in an archaic way of life.

Similar to Aster’s film, this culture is one that does things their own way. Including treating their grown children as young kids. But it gets weirder from there. Also, surprisingly, including an ending that resembles Aster’s.

5. Come out and Play.

A couple about to be new parents go on vacation. They find themselves on a remote island overrun with children and no adults. They learn the kids are far from innocent. From there, its a race to survive and escape the island. This 2012 Mexican indie movie is not well known but truly worth a watch.

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6. Eden Lake.

Similar to Come out and Play, Eden Lake also falls into the vacation horror movies genre. Quietly, it also makes social commentaries about how we raise children, and the class divide. As well as featuring a young, unknown Michael Fassbender.

7. Dead Snow.

A group of eight friends go on a skiing vacation to a remote Arctic mountain. Unfortunately, this trip is going to include a lot more than skiing and relaxation. Because zombie generals from WWII are hidden throughout the area. And they’re all waiting to attack.

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