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In the blogging world there are various types of monetization options out there. Affiliate networks, embedded shopping links, yes there is no shortage of outlets to flex your fashion muscles.

But a new outlet is entering the arena that promises to change the way you look at social which recently launched is new to the scene and revolutionizing the way we look at not only shopping, but e-commerce and affiliate networks. Not only does it offer monetization within just a few clicks of a simple posted image, but it allows users to post not just fashion, but various categories like home decor, art, even hotels. Post inspirations, style, and even your own travels, and make money if others buy things. Imagine getting paid to go on Pinterest and scout the things you love!

I first was introduced to Tagspire at the recent #celebrateinstyle event where I got to experience not only the motivation behind building the new network, but a demo showcasing what makes it so special.

The site offers a totally new way of looking at how we shop, and share but what distinguishes Tagspire from others like it is that it’s not just for bloggers or stylists. By joining the shopping network, bloggers can really benefit from what they love doing; inspiring readers to build and style their personal favorite style, accessories, beauty, travel destinations and more. Posts and collections can be designed easily and you can also embed your work into your own website to increase traffic and exposure.

For those not in the industry, who just love to shop, post their outfits, selfies, and favorite items, Tagspire is the ultimate destination. It allows for anyone, not just an ‘expert’ or professional to stand out, monetize, and make a splash in the social shopping arena. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Tagspire today, and start swimming with the style sharks now. Just make sure you take a big bite for yourself!

Once you sign up, you can build posts or put together a collection. You’re then given various choices that include tagging the actual or similar product to buy, (which leads you directly to purchase), reviewing it, adding a video or adding your own, personal link. Although the link option does not allow for monetizing, it stands out as a feature other sites don’t offer and is desirable for the personal touch it allows.Check out the holiday style collection I curated and click below to see the links and info on Tagspire. Then start designing your own holiday galleries!

For more info on how to use Tagspire check out this video

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