6 top underrated 2022 horror movies

If you’re a horror fan, you know how special this year was for lovers of the genre. It’s one that ushered in exciting, original horror which paved a new path amidst an industry saturated with remakes, and reboots. Among the influx included Pearl, the prequel, and second in Ti West’s trilogy, and the huge success of Barbarian, and Terrifier 2. But among the more famous new horror of the year, there were also some seriously underrated 2022 horror movies this year too.

6 Top underrated 2022 horror movies:

1. Significant Other. It’s one of the most underrated 2022 horror movies as far as I’m concerned. An original, fun, twisty, but mostly hidden gem among the endless streaming options. It’s still featured on Paramount Plus- where not as many people know about it as should. Part horror, part supernatural and sci fi-, with two standout performances by Jake Lacy, and emerging horror queen Maika Monroe- Significant Other ranks high on this years list of underrated horror.

2. Watcher. The 2022 psychological voyeurism thriller, written and directed by Chloe Okuno is quiet. Perhaps that quietness also allows it to blend into the background. But Okuno’s effective debut film – with another superb, subtle performance from Maika Monroe is elevated above others. Shudder.

3. Fall. Fall made some of the horror rounds, but it still feels under-seen, months after its release. I didn’t expect much when given a sneak peek earlier this year – but I was wrong. It proved to be an original, suspenseful, horror, and even managed to do something unthinkable – create a twist I didn’t see coming.

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Fall movie

4. Run, Sweetheart Run. Run, Sweetheart Run came out in 2020, but its streaming release – on Amazon Prime – was in October of this year. At first, it was just another horror in my queue to watch at some point. But upon doing so, I realized this was more than just another movie to watch and forget.

It has what all the underrated 2022 horror movies do- an original idea. This well executed thriller is smarter than you’d expect and includes a heroine you can root for, and a great villain.

5. The Reef: Stalked. The first half of The Reef:Stalked surprisingly accomplished what many of its similar predecessors could not – believably built suspense and tension. The second half doesn’t deliver the same level of anxiety and horror. However, in a sea of mediocre streaming movies from this sub genre, this sequel rose to the top. If shark horror is your thing, add The Reef:Stalked to the list.

6. Umma. The Sandra Oh Sam Raimi produced horror barely got any traction. When I finally saw it, I mostly understood why. Yet, there were many interesting elements here, and though sporadic, there are some really frightening moments and imagery.

Of all the underrated 2022 horror movies, it’s actually one of the creepiest. Watch Umma on Netflix now.

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