Underneath it All… Sexy goes Uptown with Agent Provocateur

Stepping into the wary line crossing place of undergarment discussion, I must confess that my taste pretty much runs the gamet. In high school, when I was going through my  tough “gangsta” phases, I actually wore men’s boxer briefs as underwear, always making sure the band stuck out from over the jeans, to display the label, much like a girl of today’s time would rock their Label logo covered  Gucci handbags, and Chanel shoes, at that point. Silly in retrospect, yes, but tops in comfort. Back then was the first time I ever purchased boys tighty whities, and although it seems odd to many, I made them my undies of choice for a long time. More convenient, in the way a boy would find them, well no not really, but so super cute. I kept  this secret under raps for many years, until one time on a girls trip, the secret was out. “um, are those boys underwear? “ my friend laughed, as I put on my makeup wearing a wife beater and fruit of the loom’s.  “what? They’re comfy- hmmph”  As usual, some of my fashion options misunderstood, even down to my knickers.
To this day, I still have a small section just for those in my drawer for those days I just want to be comfortable… or look cute in my house prancing around in them while I sing Nicki Minaj in the mirror….
Later, that evolved more into the boy shorts, a favorite of mine, and although my collection of those and thongs, and g’s are probably quite comparable, my new favorite style is the undies that are half thong/half boy short affectionately named cheekies. I discovered these only recently, when in a gift bag, I received a free magenta pair from Hanky Panky. Aptly titled, they cover more than a thong, but less than, and cuter then regular underwear, and can really be flattering on a multitude of body types.

With the opening of the new Agent Provocateur on Madison Avenue, follows a sign that sexy has gone evenn more mainstream, and with the popular downtown location finally opening the eyes (and ahem, other things), of the uptown crowd (which I think most would agree is a night/ and day situation), both sides of the island can finally find some common ground. Although these two different sects of neighborhood might look different on the outside, walking down the street, or in the subway, underneath it all, we still all want to look and feel sexy and desirable. Not just to our boyfriends, lovers or husbands, but most importantly, to ourselves.

As for me, cheekies have definitely become the preferred under garment of choice in my neck of the woods, both to the person wearing them, and the person seeing me in them.


Cheekies- Victorias secret- 3 for $30 / $11.50 each

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