The Ultimate Handbag Checklist to get Through Each day

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Every girl knows, what we keep in our bags can sometimes be essential to every day success in the field, no matter our occupation or habits. In order to be the most prepared for both personal and business scenarios, your bag needs to carry a range of items that address the best, and worst possible occurrences. Use this handbag checklist to make sure you’re keeping the essentials your bag. Not only will having them give you peace of mind. It allows for unexpected stops and turns in the road that happen to us both day and night, in work and out.

1. A hair tie.

2. Coverup or BB cream. 

Having some form of coverup can be a godsend when you’re out all day. If you’re going straight from desk to dinner, having some to quickly touch up will help to revitalize your look for the next part of the day.

3. A Mirror

4. A Charger

We all know that phone battery life has gotten worse over the years. Having a phone charger with you at all times is something that’s universally important. If you spend a little extra, you can find a multi-use adapter that crosses both iPhones and Android compatibility. Having a phone charger also helps with unexpected night stops or extra long days out of the house.

5. Pertinent Medication

If you take any, making sure you take your medications with you is likely pertinent. Especially if you’re forgetful when packing a bag to head out the door. Pre-packing any important meds can negate this issue. On the other hand, if you have a business or personal trip coming up, and want to delay the hassle of having your period, certain medications can assist. Utovlan tablets can help delay your period for up to 17 days, preventing the need for worry during any important travel.

6. A Great Book

These days podcasts and kindles are king. Me, I’m old school, and will never stop reading good old fashioned books. I like the way they feel between my fingers. Plus, reading a book for 15 minutes a day has been proven to stimulate your imagination and problem-solving ability.

7. Cash

8. Any cosmetics you can’t live without. 

Everyone’s makeup routine is different, if they have one at all. Some rely on a slew of products, others are out the door with a swipe of mascara and rub of lip gloss. Whatever your few must have items are, make sure to get the portable or mini versions of them as well. Store those in your bag and use them for those day to night situations that always seem to happen.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Health services all over the world consistently stress the importance of carrying hand sanitizer. The washing of hands was one of the great medical boons of the 20th century, after all. It’s really amazing what you can pick up from a day on public transport, or a day just touching your keyboard in the office. Making sure you carry antibacterial gel can help you prevent picking up nasty colds, flu’s, or something potentially more serious.

10. Pain medicine if you take it. 

This is in a separate category to medication because it’s important to highlight how necessary these are. You never know when a headache can hit you out of the blue after a long day of meetings and difficult mental gymnastics. If you’re not in a position to do meditation, or other possible relievers, Tylenol or Advil will certainly do the trick.

11. Emergency info. 

In today’s world, does anyone even know each other’s phone numbers anymore? What if you there was an emergency, and you didn’t have that essential phone charger in your bag to revitalize your dead phone. Would you be able to contact ANYONE in your life? If not, you’re not alone. We live in such a digitized age that remembering people’s contact info has become obsolete. This potential issue hasn’t though. Combat it by carrying a note with any important information or numbers.

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