Trend Report ~Tres Bien: 10 Decorative Trays For your Home

I’ve always had an eye for style, but that has sometimes been lacking in the home design department. While I’m always inspired by Elle Decor, and of course Pinterest, and can sometimes even execute some of those inspirations, designing an outfit comes much easier then designing a room. But ever since my apartment started feeling more like a home, I’ve started caring more about what it looks like. Still recovering from a long bout with moderate hoarderism, I have gotten rid of a lot, but some ‘stuff’ still remains. However, many changes were made, like learning how to practice the art of minimalism.
Thus, began my obsession with decorative trays. I love the look of a mirrored, circular tray for a modern look, or a C Wonder kitschy, fruit patterned one. Most exciting is another recent purchase from One Kings Lane; a lacquered tray in my favorite color tiffany blue. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can play designer and have styling it. Trend Report: Tres Bien - 10 Awesome Trays to Check out Now

Hors d oeuvre tray

Lacquer tray

Handmade home decor

Voyage Hotel Paris Tray

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