Trend Report Holiday 2012 ~ You're Purrrrrfect~ Fabulous, feline finds

You're Purrrrrrfect

Pullover sweater

Blue cardigan

Fancy shoes

Flat shoes


T-shirt Audrey cat


There has been a distinct shift in society. It’s not as much spoken about, as more noted and quietly appreciated. And though no one blasts it, it’s on the pulse of everyone’s attention. Yes, that’s right; cats.

Meeeooow! The Lady who was once shunned from society; who lived a life of solace and squalor, an apt filled with felines is now revered and celebrated by the most welcoming of industrys; fashion of course…..

This season, Cats are everywhere, from cute sweaters, to t-shirts w/ taglines, and even the eponymous look of the season; the slipper, is getting in on the action. Styles include the pair shown above for $52, and another great find on

Sterling Silver CAT charm w/ red enamel collar and red stone eyes; Beecharmer Jewelry, Holiday ’12. Sold on my ebay auction $9.99- click here to bid

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