Trend Report- Fall Favorites- 5 trends this season- Structured Bags

I tend to be someone who needs structure in order to operate effectively. Busy life to be organized down to the detail? That I can handle. But time on my hands to actually do things calmly and without deadline, I have no idea what to do with that. And although structure has always played a love/hate relationship in my life, and most of my career, I never seemed to feel the same when it came to handbags. I’ve always opted for the less officious of the bag, going less structure and more give every time. Even my classics; the LV neverfull, my gucci from spain, and the Tiffany & Co bag I’ve been eyeing all season all have the same thing in common, a drawstring or loose closure.
But this season, I’ve done a complete 180. It was never my intention, but I suddenly started realizing, as I leafed through Elle, to Vogue, that all the pages I was dog-earing, had structured bags bursting out of it’s pages. Yes, it would turn out this season structured bags have become cool. At least to me. Even if my life doesn’t have complete structure in it at the moment, at least my fall handbag can.
Below, my 2nd favorite fall trend this season, and the best eight bags to try it in. Trend Report- Fall Favorites- Structured Bags

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