Trend Report- Fall Favorites- 5 trends this season~ Faux Sure~ Fur Accents

For fur lovers, I’m not sure it ever goes out of style but this season, something glorious has happened for all fashionistas, especially those consistently torn between their love for a little fur, and either their lack of funds, or plethera of morals. I fall into the second category, but this season fur comes in all shapes and sizes, and most excitedly, lots of accents and trims. Whether it’s cuffed on a sweater or jacket, or most recently, the details on a stilettoed shoe, fur is everywhere this season, and makes a statement with less grandeur, and more simplicity this time around. And more reason to be excited about this trend is DIY. It lends itself to cuffing old shirts, turning old to new, and I plan on trying something interesting with a fur collar I have, that might or might not involve a vintage cardigan. Stay tuned. In the meantime, relish in the smaller details this time around, that’s faux sure…..

IMG_3010From Top left- Liza Minelli in a fur stole. Giuseppe Zanotti Stilettos from Vogue. Trend reports from summer Vogues calling out the trend. Stills from shows, cuffed sleeves at Prada fall 13 excude lady like and warmth.

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Trend Report- Fall Favorites- 5 trends this season- Faux Sure- Fur accent Pieces

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