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Clearly, we all know that fashion is cyclical. Fashion magazines and fashionistas tell us so. But lately, it seems like deja vu is becoming the emotion of choice when I look at the new fashion trends. Yes, it would seem that those flannel shirts we stored away in the backs of our closets, which always seem to reappear just a few short seasons later, have done so again. So grab your stool, and pull ’em down. Prints, though at full force in summer, are still going strong, and stripes? Well, at this point, to be safe you should never file these away as nautical seems to never take a break.
But there are a few trends this fall that are not only new and fresh, but their resurgence, rather then make me moan with familiarity excites me to my very core. Massive ear cuffs are growing exponentially, literally and creatively as the season roars on, and new plush colors like dark reds, and blues are back on the scene.
Rather then another massive list inundating your inbox, along with the likes of new features, trends, and more by Refinery, Stylelist, Fashionista, etc I’m getting rid of long lists.
Instead, every day this week, I’m picking one new fall trend I’m most excited about and highlighting it below, because in some cases, less is more. Just as long as shopping isn’t.
First up- Dark reds ….
Trend Report Fall 13- fall favorites series- Bordeaux Line

River Island crewneck sweatshirt

Oxford shoes

Lucky brand

Essie nail polish

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