Trend Report Fall 2012: Too Close for Comfort~ Finding the White Whale~ A fashionable & comfortable Shoe

Let me ask a question? When did it become acceptable, and then, next when did it become socially UNAcceptable to wear sneakers, and carry your heels in your handbag. In the 80’s, this seemed to be status quo, the ubiquitous image of the Working Girl woman, big hair, tights and sneakers, heels tucked away.
Nowadays, that would be shunned; a style not to be recongized. But are we really that different today?
Somtimes I feel like I am still living in a perpetual version of Working Girl. Sure, there are some that totter around the city pavements, clicking away, and focusing less in front of them, and more on the will to stay up, and make it look easy. The rest of us hit up Duane Reade, grab a pair of rolleez or any number of similar versions, and call it a day.
The flat slipper roll up shoe has become a phenomenon, from just a few years ago when it was a new idea with one product brand behind it. Now, there’s fancier versions of this same theme, and they have replaced the white, 80’s sneaker of yesteryear.
And yet, between them all is the need for an actual comfortable, yet also stylish shoe. This has been an eternal need; the holy grail of fashion footwear, and though there can be no leader, there are many contenders.
Gap cork wedge platform sandals; from Summer. $49.00. (No longer available) Cream Wedge Platform Lace-up Oxford; Qupid. $24 on – buy them HERE

I feel like the older I get, the less I want to wear heels. I don’t know if it actually draws any kind of correlation, but for me, unless it’s a night out on the town, I can pretty much go right for flats, be it a kate spade, an equestrian boot, or my new Tory Burch Slippers.

Finding a shoe WITH a good heel, that also happens to promote comfort, rather then a night filled with exquisite, yet stylish pain is like no other feeling. Although I’ve found a few, like both pairs above, I still feel like my white whale is out there.

Dr Martens Platform Loafer Heel. “Roma”. $130- Click on pic to buy

I love the FitFlop brand, ever since I saw the Kirna Zabete/Fit Flop gladiator sandal in a magazine, and scooped them up immediately. I still think there is a fine line between stylish, comfortable wedge and nurse shoe, and I think fitflop manages it perfectly.

Fit Flop wedge- Due Patent Hot Cherry- $125– click to buy. Chelsea Pump; Nike Cole Haan. $298 @ – click to buy

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