Tips on how to Start a Resale Shop

Just when I feel my most alone as an entrepreneur, I remember just how not alone I am. Not only are there more entrepreneurs and self made bosses than ever before, the freedom and ability to start your own business has never presented itself more. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for everyone. Starting your business should come from a passion, and not from a need. If you’re doing something just cause you’re desperate to make a buck, you’re never going to succeed fully. On the other hand if an amazing business is derived from something you love, why not run with it? That said, if you love fashion and style, maybe there’s more to it than just emptying your wallet, or posting a picture. Anyone can start a fashion blog, and they do. But pictures splattered across a page don’t equate to success or standing out. Instead, take that style expertise and try something different, like starting a resale business. If you already love to shop and scour for a great deal, instead of just adding to that pile in your closet, covert it to something better; a business. Here are a few tips on how to start a resale shop that might help along the way.

Buying fashion, jewelry, and accessories wholesale might be easier than you think. However, it’s really easy to over-order and spend everything you have on unnecessary inventory, without knowing what will sell. In the meantime, plan out other things, like where you’ll store all your new merchandise. Work on starting small, build a good, loyal following on your marketing channels and getting people excited first.

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One tip is to start making contact with wholesalers like elf925 wholesale sterling jewelry to begin developing a business plan. Budget your investment, and stir up interest in your customers. Get your website ready and post content about the kind of things you want to sell. As word or mouth spreads or traffic starts slowly increasing, you can go back to your stock, and start strategizing sell through.

Also, don’t necessarily limit yourself to one thing either. If you consider yourself an expert in styling, add some accessories to the mix too. Think about being a salesperson in a store. Back in college, I worked in a very high end boutique in Soho. Every Saturday morning we’d gather to discuss plans for the day ahead, and the strategy always included add-on sales. Meaning, never leave a customer with only one purchase, or transaction. Always try to add an extra element. You can take this mindset and put it into your resale business too though.

So start thinking about what might make sense for you to add on. If you’re making jewelry your main focus, start easy. For one, jewelry needs to be cleaned and stored somewhere safe. You might test sales of cute trays or rubbing cloths as potential accessory ideas. Some other things to think about; will you have special packaging? What about payments? PayPal is great for some orders, but there is a chance that some of your customers would prefer a different method. Customer service and after-sales care are also vital elements to building a resale shop too.

In the end, customers just want to align with an expert in something that interests them. Exactly the reason why, if you consider yourself a fashion maven, or style expert with a lot to say, that starting a resale business might just be a great outlet for you. Keep in mind, nothing comes easy. People always say, if you do something you truly love, the customers, or audience will come to you. I whole-heartedly disagree. In some cases this might be true. In most though, it will take perseverance, patience and most importantly, passion to forge the road ahead.

Starting a new business, even a small resale shop, can be scary, and stressful. But if you have the ability and money to try, and a voice or skill you want heard, then you should definitely go for it!

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