Tips on how to Stand out at a Party

Birthday’s, weddings, dinners, and dates; our social calendars can be demanding at times. Especially on this island, where we thrive on all the aforementioned. And we can all feel like we’ve exhausted the options in our wardrobe from time to time. Or that we’re rotating the same few outfits over and over without even realizing it. So what do you wear when you want to impress, or need a change? For men, is bespoke always best? Is eye-catching color the way to go, or should you stay classic and how do you know when to draw the line between standout accessories and over the top, silly add ons. We have a few ideas for how to stand out at a party, even if only in your own small ways.


When you’re the birthday girl (or boy).

If it’s your event it means all eyes are on you already. Keep it cool, confident, and classy. If you’re having an event in a cocktail bar or restaurant keep it classic with an LBD. It’s a choice perfect for any occasion, easily dressed up, or made more casual, depending on your style. If you really want to stand out, go for black sequin or lace. Texture always adds an edge. Top it off with standout accessories, and don’t forget the shoes.

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If you’re the birthday boy you want to steer clear of suits, which may feel too formal. Take care when you choose your shoes. As Hardy Amies said; “A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”


When you’re a wedding guest. 

This is the occasion when you should opt for a more luxurious look.  It should be an outfit you invest in and can wear for dates, important dinners, and other functions. For men, bespoke is best. A bespoke suit is a great idea for a special occasion and makes for a great investment piece. It’s created specifically for the wearer, so you can guarantee it’s individuality. A new pattern is created fitting your exact measurements and shape.You are able to choose materials, customize styles, and generally personalize your own outfit.

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It depends on the season, but as a female wedding guest, obviously you have lots more exciting options. During the summer floaty maxi dresses are a great idea and can be fun to play around with also. Cocktail dresses are a great right mix of dressy and fun. For a winter wedding wear longs sleeve and pair with graphic tights or high boots.

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