Tips on Finding the best road trip car

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As a native New Yorker, there hasn’t always been a big need for cars in my life. Other than sitting in them, driving them up to college, or a  handful of other occasions, my experience with them is limited. One time they’re typically a necessity is when taking a road trip. Your weekend getaway might require a vehicle, and if it does, there are ways to ensure finding the best road trip car. This will be where you play music, potentially get lost, make a journey, and ultimately, reach a destination. All the more reason finding the best road trip car is imperative to your travels.

The months between March and May, leading into summer are some of the biggest for car shopping, according to some surveys. Whether you’re renting, buying a new car, or looking for an used one, getting the right vehicle is still important for your travels. This can go beyond just the look, or if the top drops. (Although, lets be real, this is maybe the most important quality.) But there are a few other traits to look out for when finding the best road trip car., best road trip car, best road trips, car tips, car rentals


Probably one of the most important facets of finding the best road trip car is making sure it’s comfortable for the drive. Some say the key to finding the best road trip car is looking for something between a mid and full size, to ensure some roominess.

Gas Mileage 

Depending on the length and type of road tripping you’re doing, your mileage plans may vary. For longer road trips, a large gas tank is ideal. On the other hand, if your trip is more adventurous and outdoorsy, exchanging mileage intake for durability or bigger tires might be a trade you’ll have to make.

Sophisticated Navigation System 

One of the most important features when locating the best road trip car is a proper navigation system that’s compatible with Android or Apple. These days, it’s usually a given, but for those extra long road trips it’s even more important.


Special Features 

Wi-fi ability, climate control, and cruise control are all important features to also look out for when perusing the perfect road tripping car. A blue tooth system that’s compatible with your phone is also key, whether your preference is podcasts, books on tape, or belting out the latest hit from your car window.





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