THINK PINK- Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Yesterday marked another year of girls everywhere dressing slutty without repercussion, candy in bulk, and Halloween 4 and 5 on AMC at least twice a day. But it also marked the end of October, and the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Although, in my mind it should not be only 1 month out of the year that focuses on this; (I think about it every day personally), I honor it every year myself by participating in Susan G Komen’s Passionately Pink for the Cure initiative.

Every year, to raise money for my “Pink Team”, I hold a cocktail party at my house where I sell Bee-charmer, my sterling silver jewelry business. Over pink vodka lemonade drinks, and pink frosted cupcakes, friends dug through hundreds upon hundreds of sterling silver charms, excitedly picking and finding ones that seemed to be made just for them.

In the end, everyone had a sterling silver bracelet or necklace customized specially to them, a small gift bag with some goodies, including the Susan G Komen pin, and hopefully, in even some small way a sense of good that they helped to participate in something so important, not just to me, but to a cause that affects too many of our loved ones.

This year marked my fourth annual Beecharmed party, and I am so proud to say that it was my most successful one so far! I don’t know if I’m getting more popular, or people just wanted some jewelry, but whatever it is, I’m thankful. 30 % of everything purchased that day went straight to the Komen Foundation. And again, though it isn’t thousands of dollars, it makes me so thankful and happy that I get to feel like I played a part; however small, in making an impact. And that makes me tickled pink…..

If you would like to donate to the Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer research, click here to view my personal page….

Or if you would like to purchase any sterling silver charms, or personalized charm bracelets, please email me directly at [email protected] for requests…. I  schedule private appts to view the collection, and do fill special orders… Catalogs are not ready yet but I hope to have some by the holidays… Any sales for the next 30 days, will still be applicable towards another Komen donation…

Pink cupcakes with pink ribbon Jelly candies... made specially by my bestie for the beecharmed party

Pink lady drinks

Pretty in Pink

I designed a sterling silver bracelet with pink ribbon wrapped inside for the occasion and gave some out- for your very own, please email me at [email protected]

Some designed bracelets in development

I also handed out Yoplait Yogurts, as they annually participate in a great cause; Save lids to Save lives. For every lid of each Yoplait Yogurt that gets eaten (and recorded), 10 cents goes to research. Again, I wish that Yoplait could have pink lids all year round, but each October, I get excited to stock up my fridge with yogurt, and mail in all my lids. More small ways to feel big.


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