Things to do before getting a agent

A common myth in the creative industry if that if you want to succeed, you need an agent. Because without one, you’ll never get the coveted roles, or deals you’re looking for. And while that is mostly true, there are a few things to do before getting an agent. It’s a big commitment and there are some things to consider before jumping in.

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Here a few things to do before getting an agent:

Learn more about your industry.

One of the most important things to do before getting an agent is simply learning a bit more about your coveted industry. Plus, how the business really works. If you’re an actor, figure out your brand, and where you want to go with it. If you’re a writer, what’s your niche and where does your writing belong?

Having misinformation can cost not just time, but also energy and even stress. A top agent, like Nancy Etz at Creative Artists Agency can help you hone and market your talents. But before that step, you need to understand that for yourself first.

Build your resume.

Some special humans are just born ready. Genius that possesses serious talent from a young age. But for the rest of us, building up your accolades is not just the best way to achieve new ones. It’s a better way to get your foot in the door.

An agent is a big step and it’s a good idea to build up your experience more before procuring one. Maybe that means a short term internship in your field. Or taking a course in your preferred industry. Be it acting, singing, or screen writing.

As they say, knowledge is power, and the more you have to start with, the further you’ll go. Plus, building a list of resources and contacts, even if small to start, is key.

Figure out who you are, truly.

This sounds intense. Certainly much more in depth than just a simple bullet point on a list. But maybe the most important of things to do before getting an agent is finding yourself. Instead of just rushing through the motions, stop to ask yourself what you really want. And how you want to project that. Perhaps that’s with the help of a mentor, or just through your own self reflection.

According to Nancy Etz, authenticity is everything. She says,

” I think that the most important thing is to be your most authentic self, figure out who you are, and present that to your world as honestly as you can, and without hesitation.”

She also believes in some preparation before finding an agent. Saying, “I think the most important thing about being an entrepreneur is planning and preparation. For example, to create a very solid business plan, you should spend the necessary weeks and months to ensure everything is at its best.”

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