These Shoes were Made for Walking, and That's Just What they'll Do…. Shoe trend of spring '11- The Flatform

We all watch through the years as our individual style changes, expands and evolves, much like our personalities, values, and fashions. I’ve also watched my feet evolve. Much like the diagrams we used to see in school that scrappily sketched out a ape slouched over, slowly through the penciled time line evolve into taller, less slouchy and then eventually, a man; I could make a similar diagram based solely on, well… my soles. It would start as baby shoes, then little Mary Janes (white anklet socks attached), and high school and a insecure, not yet comfortable with grappling of my small stature would pave the way for years of platform shoes—Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that this style I rocked purely for height’s sake (okay, fine maybe I thought they looked good), would actually be popular in fashion. And yet, fifteen years later, here we are!! I did it again : )  Okay, maybe I’m rubbing it in exaggeration a little more than usual today but in the words of my true love who I was reunited with in theaters this past weekend joyously…. Just go with it.

But this,I will admit was not the same cute platform we are seeing pop up now (more on that later) this was more of a shoe, like a lace –up, imagine sneakers, oxfords, less prada, more Bass, and then add a 3 inch all around raised up heel, minus a big arch. I even wore these platform sneakers to softball practice, much to my coach’s chagrin. Better traction, I assured everyone. What a crock. I just wanted to stand up against everyone else… literally

The style that started a trend?? Hot Topic platform sneakers!


Unfortunately, I will admit this style stuck all the way into college, where I would rock them with big oversized trousers and cropped tops. (Obviously the shoes were not the only thing to later go). But after college, I came back to NYC, started working, and started to meld into an adult way of dressing. I became obsessed with stilettos, wedges and super high platforms. I would prance around the city, acting confident, though secretly in my mind watching every crack and crevasse in the street, praying I would not fall. Cut to now- I’m 30 years old, hardly a senior citizen, and yet the idea of trasping around the city in shoes higher then 2 inches almost exhausts me even in thought. I can’t do it, and I watch little fashionistas walking through the city, on their heels, an almost anxious look on their face, as if they’re holding something back, and I know exactly what they’re thinking- please don’t fall. I’m too old to even worry anymore, so I’ve turned myself into a walking 80’s easy spirit ad, (remember looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker?) wearing my flats, and holding my heels in my bag.

And I’m not the only one. This entire process has become SO popular and universal, that a new phenomenon has arisen in the last year— the Rollaway shoe. The basic idea is that since everyone wants to look leaner, taller and hotter in their high shoes, but no one wants to deal with the accompanied pain or stress, perpetually carrying around a pair of flats in your bag will save your days and nights, and they will be so flat and condensed that you can roll them up into a little ball and throw them in your bag, or even clutch. Forget the fact that you can’t really walk on these soles around the city streets, and you have yourself a million dollar idea.

But now finally, in the Spring of 2011, something to put the rollaway shoes on the backburner for a moment, and what I can say will finally turn my shoe evolution full circle; those ugly all around platform shoes (I recall being teased about my “nurses shoes”), I rocked on every and any type of shoe all through highschool and almost college, are finally getting their day in the sun.

These flatforms however, are a much different breed then those of hot topic and charlotte russe past. With designs by Derek Lam, Prada, Calvin Klein, and more, they, much like us, have fully evolved, have a sense of themselves, and unlike most people and things, advertise and illustrate EXACTLY just what they are, without any false pretenses or aires. They are (somewhat)stylish shoes that just rose magically a few inches off the ground, and finally I can actually wear shoes to work, without packing an extra pair in my bag.

Which means, these shoes won’t only be easy on your feet, but on your back, and here’s some that are also easy on the eye, and  wallet…Lucky me, I don’t have to go anywhere but the back of my old closet, where hiding in dusty boxes, are some Fornarina denim high flatform wedges, and Charlotte Ronson’s… But maybe one more pair won’t hurt…..

Or if you want to go one better, click here to my ebay account, and bid on a pair of gently used Jill Sander platforms right on price, and trend…

Luxury Chic- Derek Lam flatforms- $590.00


Elizabeth and James raffia flatforms- - $225.00


BEE Chic--- Tory Burch espadrille flatforms- $175


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