The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the TOOTH ~ Prime Time Smile at Duane Reade takes teeth whitening to the next level

If you follow Style Island, then you know that in addition to everything else we cover; style, new fashion, beauty, restaurants, trends, etc, that a big focus is the city that this all happens in. The island of Manhattan, or New York City is a magical place, as I’ve stated time, and time, and time again. And this island is filled with New Yorkers, all walking, running, and zig zagging through traffic to get to their next destination. This is a busy world we live in, and it’s getting busier by the minute. Pizza delivery is promised in 30 minutes or less, or your money back. 1 hour photo is an archaic thing of the past, and social media makes emails, pictures, and everything else pretty much instantaneous. With that need in mind, teeth whitening has also readjusted, to fit the world and times we’re living in, like so many other products found on the shelves. And now, something that used to take 2 or 3 weeks to show visible changes, can only take a day, or even an hour to display results. If you want to impress a New Yorker, you have only a limited time frame to do so.

Remember when teeth whitening was a special beauty product that you had to dig to find in the drugstore. Usually it was one of those items encased behind glass that someone, somewhere, has a key to, and you have to wait while a clerk finds a manager, who comes running back with the keys to open what seems like a safe. It was an investment too, running you $ 50 to $70. But the times have surely changed, and these days, teeth whitening is a universally utilized beauty regimen. What once was relegated to only large, not very inconspicuous trays or sticky strips has evolved in more ways then one. The teeth whitening industry has grown leaps and bounds; not just in time frame, but also in form. When I landed in the aisle at Duane Reade, I was presented with dozens of brands and types. Pens, trays, gels, oh my!

When Duane Reade asked me to try out the Prime Time Smile teeth whitening pen, I thought 2 things immediately. One, it had been a long time since I used a whitener product, and 2, as I mentioned above after my realization, the genre had drastically changed. After learning about the Prime Time Smile brand, I found that, although there are many to chose from, what Prime Time Smile offers that the others do not is convenience. Though they do sell complete kits, a pen is offered singularly, which promises to brush on easy, and show whiter results in only a mere hour. The brand differs in a few ways. One, there are no messy trays, which makes the entire process a breeze, and two, (as mentioned), the results are meant to be visible within an hour which also means easy application at possible hectic, or rushed times.

After realizing after my 4th Duane Reade, that the Prime Time Pen was not an easy find, I wound up just buying the entire kit at the superstore on 34th and 8th. This includes a pre treatment pen, the Whitening Pen, and a post application lightening tool.

I only used the pen for this review, but the first thing I noticed was how easy the gel glided on. There was no weird taste, no icky, dentisty feeling that a lot of the strips of the past used to leave. I remember applying those ubiquitous strips across my teeth, constantly touching them with my tongue, and counting down the minutes till I could take them off. But with the Prime Time Smile pen, there was none of that. I quickly brushed it across my teeth like I was painting a canvas, hitting both the top and bottom. And just like that, I was done.

I went back to my computer, sending emails, writing, and as hard as it was, not drinking coffee, my biggest vice. But just an hour or two later, when i went back in the bathroom, to start getting ready, I was actually surprised to notice that my teeth did have a new, lighter shine to them. Once I put on my typical routine of my Wet n Wild ultra red lipstick, was when it really became noticeable. I brushed my teeth again just to be sure, but they remained a slightly whiter sheen.

After a few more daily applications, I’m going to check back in, as the product promises results of 5 shades whiter in only 3 days. However, I’m pleasantly surprised and happy to see a slight change in only a short amount of time, as promised.

In this crazy, busy world we live in, everyone, especially New Yorkers are looking for a quick fix. And though some things in life take time and nurturing to grow, others are meant to solve problems fast, and allow us to keep going. This island is filled with millions of different kinds of people but we all have one thing in common, which is our desire to simplify, and make life easier. Even if we fight it all the way, secretly. And with that in mind, I think Prime Time Smile, though great for everyone is especially perfect for New Yorkers, much like the tagline reads, Beautiful Smiles for Busy People. And whether it be in your own bathroom, or a work bathroom, or a rushed cab ride, you can get just that, and still make it to your next appointment. Welcome to the Prime Time!

Morning Cup of Joe before teeth whitening Morning Cup of Joe before teeth whitening




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