The Stinger~ Sandwiches are Having a Moment

Warren Zevon famously said that in life, we should “Enjoy Every Sandwich“, and lately it seems that his words are ringing true. Lets be clear; food isn’t fashion, but it does have trends that come and go, and styles that can go mainstream. And much like fashion, certain trends never die. So, it’s fitting that something which has always been an obvious mainstay in the food world is suddenly on everyone’s lips… literally. Sandwiches have never been trendier.

Earlier this week on the show, The Taste, the theme and challenge revolved around sandwiches. The title of the Episode? The art of the Sandwich. And art it was. With everything from the traditional, to the unusual, the winner wound up being Gregg with his take on a Tuna sandwich sushi style.

Earlier this year in a food and wine festival in Nevada Harrah’s unleashed it’s Dominator Sandwich.  A concotion of a variety of porks, with bacon, sausage, topped with sweet hot coleslave and lime vinaigrette, and served on a house-made onion-sourdough roll.It weighs  5 1/2 pounds and costs $69. And, if you eat the whole thing, Harrah’s will pick up the tab. 

Sandwiches are comfort, a representation of us and sometimes can maybe even define a moment. That got me thinking about not just the sandwiches I’ve been seeing everywhere lately, but the ones I see on the big screen. The ones that are so delicately crafted it makes your eyes widen and your mouth water.

When I think of food jumping off the screen into our minds, one thing comes to mind; my favorite food scene of all time. In it, Adam Sandler is a sweet, lovable and amazing chef, in one of my favorite roles. The best scene in the movie involves Adam coming home and making an impromptu, yet mouth watering sandwich, as he prepares it and attempts to eat it with his beer. The sandwich, crafted specifically for Sandler is a blt with runny eggs, which apparently after some googling, I found, is a much emulated recipe. Spanglish overall is unmemorable, but I will never forget the way he made that sandwich.


My favorite recipe for this came from a lovely food blog I stumbled upon, A Cozy Kitchen

The other memorable juxtaposition of food and film coming together is in Moonstruck. Loretta, a grown woman living at home, talks to her mom as she cooks her a traditional italian breakfast; an Italian Egg Sandwich, or what us kooky new yorkers tend to call eggs in a nest. I think of this scene often. How well acted the relationship is between Loretta, (Cher) and her mother, Rose, and how much it makes me want to have those eggs made for me by my mom.

Click to see and read more at OldSweetwatercottage Click to see and read more at OldSweetwatercottage

If your sandwich craving has officially kicked in at this point, there are several courses of action we can take. 1, You try your hand at  one of the aforementioned amazing sandwiches. 2, you can plan a sandwich themed dinner party. I love this idea, and got the idea from here. 3, head out to taste how someone else makes one. Courtesy of Tasting Table, I learned that a restaurant just opened, which boasts baloney sandwiches with mortadella slices and cheese peppers, all stuffed into a baguette. The fried egg can be added on top for an extra $2. Adam Sandler making it for you, sadly, cannot.

The Wayland Nyc is open now, on the Lower East Side.

For more ideas, and sandwich recipes, check out Whole Living. Com which has a great assortment.



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