The Stinger~ Junk in the Trunk…

My Sting of the day comes after a fun filled marathon night of a journey into storage with my new favorite obsession and tv show, Storage Wars, on A&E. Junk is more popular then ever right now. And how excited am I, the ultimate purveyor of some pretty awesome stuff … (well, and some pretty intense junk) that finally an ode has been made to us.. the mini, socially responsible and active member of society hoarders.. (the ones they DON’T show you on tv). 

And yet, I find it so interesting that the very society which looks down upon hoarders as a means to which we need to highlight their behavior and prod ,fix and intervene it, is the very same society that now, praises and pushes the sale, resale, and trade of junk.

Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Storage Hunters on Tru Tv, and now Barter Kings. Yes America, if you keep junk you are a bad, bad person. But if you find it, pay for it, and then trade  it for something better then you are an entrepreneur, a game-changer, or at least… a reality star.

Now, I say, in the hopes that an A&E and History Channel tv executive is reading this at this very moment, all that is missing is a crossover show with Storage Wars and Pawn Stars….

This is War- click here for more…
A pawn in this game….

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