The Stinger~ A french Affair- Garance Dore for Kate Spade

Well it was bound to happen. First it was musicians, then it was actors, then models and now it’s finally happened. Bloggers collaborating with fashion brands for special edition collections. I’m not typically a fan of these mash-ups, but from first glance, I fell totally  in love with the Garance Dore collection for Kate Spade. It’s parisian inspired, and Dore’s illustration background sets the stage for a fun, feminine, and inspired print. It reminds me of one of my favorite ad campaigns of all time, the illustrations Jean-Philippe Delhomme did for Barneys in the 90’s that had amazing drawings of fashionable men and women, with clever, quick witted one liner explanations. This look not only makes me want to buy the collection, it also makes me want to hop on a plane to Paris. And turns out, I will probably do both in the next month. As usual, Spade has influenced me again, but now it’s beyond the racks, and onto the runway. The airport runway that is…..


Hell Oui! New York Meets Paris In Garance Doré For Kate Spade By 

To nab Garance Doré’s charm, you have to have a couple of things: a killer eye for photography, lady-meets-tomboy style, a wide-eyed curiosity for life, and handwriting so perfect it’d make your third-grade penmanship teacher cry. While we can’t help you cop all these things, we can help you nab her style.

Our favorite style blogger and photographer has teamed up with Kate Spade to bring a huge collection of apparel, bags, jewelry, and accessories that splash Garance’s own doodles and illustrations atop some of the chic shapes and pieces she’s known for wearing and photographing. From flippy tea dresses to chain-strapped frame bags, these pieces will do that Paris-meets-New York thing somuch better than that beret you tried to rock a few years back.

I’LL TAKE PARIS- SHIRT, $298.00 – And others in the collection – click here to view full line

Inspired by? The amazing Barney’s Ads from back in the day

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