The Space Between Us

I need to take a moment this morning, to vent my frustration that I know everyone, in one way or another experiences either on a daily or weekly basis depending on where you begin and end your commute.

For me, this journey begins on the L train every morning, and commences in Times Square. On those rare days, okay…fine- every day when I rush to the station, I glide down the stairs like Cinderella trying to beat the clock, only in my case, I’m trying to beat the crowd, and most days, though my glass slipper, aka snow boots stay on my feet, my timing perpetually sucks.

Usually I am able to work my sardine ability to pack in through that small crevasse or crack in the side, while simultaneously glaring at others who try to do the same. The world of the subway is NOT a democracy. However, this morning, to my dismay, I didn’t get my usual spot in front that opens perfectly to the door (another art form I have mastered), and I was left…. Gasp… on the platform!!!

The most frustrating thing in all of it is THIS: when that door opens and everyone takes a breath in as they get ready to squirm and push, a few measly inches in where no one dares to tread, is a COMPLETLEY OPEN SPACE. Sure, you might have to give it that extra push out when your stop comes, but regardless, there does exist a space where your cold, packed body can go. And yet, no one DARES to go there… It’s like the train is some sort of maze, and in the center is a fiery pit that no one wants to stand near. So where do they stand? At the edge of it, flowing breathlessly out of the sides of the train door, allowing no one else to enter.

And that is that- So today I was left to catch the next train, watching all the sardines packed in tightly next to each other by the door, while in the middle of the car, a perfect open space remained. I vented to the girl next to me,but she just smiled… and then moved further down the platform. So I figured I’d share my contempt here, since you can’t run away from me, or at least I can’t see you do it!And what have I learned is the moral of this story? WALK – or wake up and get out earlier- when the sardines population dramatically down sizes….

And for a perfect mental getaway when all else fails, check out Kristian Laliberte & Piera Gelardi’s op-ed on subways and other powers they hold, on….I totally laughed and related and I’m sure you will as well

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  • Pooks!! You always find a way to make my morning coffee much more enjoyeable while reading your blog. I always get a good laugh! Love it! xoxo