The Princess diaries Starring….. Kate Middleton

Remember, way before Devil wears Prada, and the Oscars when Anne Hathaway was a undercover pretty nobody, who went from ugly duckling to … surprise… beautiful princess by inheritance in that Disney movie. Well, as it happens, seems life is vaguely imitating art; perhaps a foreshadowing of the events that would take place years later.                                                                            Today, the whole world watches as another transformation takes place before our very eyes. Granted she was by no means an ugly duckling, but the royals have taken a pretty, if not boring, average young girl with a penchant for tacky, see through dresses, named Kate Middleton and thrown her into the machine. And out came, Catherine. A refined, beautiful, thinner, prettier and more stylish princess approved fiancée.

I will be honest here. I don’t really have much to say about the royal wedding. I realize that it’s seemingly transfixed a nation; Americans, they say, seem to be even more anxious then the Brits, and it would be interesting to step back and dig beneath the surface a little bit, as to why two people getting married is such a probing, obsession for so many. Could it be just simply that fresh, new, authentic love excites us? It doesn’t really matter what happens after the ever after…. We don’t care what happens next, we just want to see a fairytale play out in reality.                                                                 Kate Middleton, for all purposes was Vivian Ward, minus the thigh high patent leather boots, plucked off the street by a prince, for an undetermined, unknown amount of time. “You’re never gonna want to let me go”, she tells Edward. And in real life, clearly William feels the same way. And we like that. We want that for ourselves.

I make these assumptions, not only based on my thoughts, but on real, tangible things. The fact that you can go stand next to a wax Prince William, pretending it’s you it’s happening to. Now, there is also a replica blue sapphire engagement ring available for purchase. I have no idea the popularity, but I can guess it’s probably close to sold out.

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There will be fashion. There will be theme parties galore, evites left and right from anxious girls priming themselves for tea and crumpets, pretending to be “royal”. I will even be at one of these, to my own chagrin, yes.                                                                          And in the end, there’s just two people getting married. One is a prince. One is about to be a princess. She has become an overnight style icon, with her quirky little hats, and now perfectly coiffed hair, and a public figure. I wonder how she really deals with it all. Because when she lays her head down on the pillow at night, she’s just a girl. She’s just…. Like us.

Before - Normal girl Kate Middleton

After- Princess Catherine

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