The Lost Art of the Love Letter……An ode to Ryan Gosling

Nobody writes love letters anymore. We know this. Nobody even writes letters. I get excited to get a holiday card nowadays, as opposed to the new favorite, mass emailed picture.  One of my favorite (and only good) scenes from Sex & the City Movie, is the very end, when Big writes her a love letter ending with ‘ever mine, ever thine, ever more’…

But that’s a movie. And this is real life. Where Mr. Big’s, and HIMYM  Marshall’s, and Llyod Dobbler’s… well, they just don’t exist. So I’ve decided the only way I can express my true love to someone that DOES exist, is to write it down. In a poem. Maybe one day, hundreds of years from now, someone will come across this poem, crumpled, and antiqued with age, and anoint it one of the great love letters of our time…..So without further ado…Dear Ryan Gosling……..

You come on screen with brooding intensity
And that is when you captivate me 
Your smile speaks without a word
I can’t read your mind, obviously, cause that’s aburd
But what I can do is read your eyes
They say so much
Whether truth or lies…..
Doesn’t matter what you wear
Or which way you do your hair
You always turn on all the charm
And make me want to be in your arms 
Oh Ryan G, I love you so
Even when you play a male ho
Who falls in love with Emma Stone
Oh those abs, my how you’ve grown!

Whether red hooded sweatshirt
Or white silk jacket
Everything you wear causes quite a racket
And makes me love you more each day
I hope you never go away 

I’m scared to watch you with Michelle
And when grabbing Rachel
Every girl fell 
Fell deeper in love with your deep blue eyes
Watching you is like winning a prize
A prize that just continues to deliver
Your expressions make me shudder; quiver

This love I hold for you, in which I strive
Grows deeper, especially when I watch Drive
You even blew my mind in fracture
I’ve heard about Eva, but you don’t match her

So I hope that’s only for a movie
Like the one where you play a teacher who smokes doobies
But even tortured, you’re still amazing
And I hope I’m right in phrasing

That you melt the hearts of women you pass
And I don’t mean to get you gassed
Or blow your head up anymore
But I’m know it’s not, since you’re down to earth, I’m sure

I can’t wait to see what you have next
And how you’ve been working on your chest
Not that this is superficial
I want to only have one wish, I ..
Wish for you that you stay strong
And in your heart know People Magazine was wrong

Many love you, this I know
I kinda wish it wasn’t so
Cause maybe then this would catch your eye
To me you are a special guy
Whose in a class all of its own
Who probably sounds so sexy on the phone

But like others I’ll settle for watching you act
And bringing new joy to where it was lacked

And while Andrew Garfield can be considered hot
Ryan Gosling he is NOT ……..

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